Dexter - Episode 6.11 “Talk To The Hand” - Sneak Peek #1

"That's Insane". The first sneak peek of next week's episode of Dexter, 6.11 "Talk to the Hand". Click the link below to watch it!

Sneak Peek #1: "That's Insane". Debra meets with her psychiatrist.

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  1. For some reason I can't stop smiling. Even if this is seriously f*cked up.

    But still, it's quite intriguing. And handled right it could lead to something great character wise.

    Watching this season I thought there was something there, a strange vibe, and the possibility that Deb felt more than sisterly love for her brother did cross my mind but mostly I just thought I was imagining things.... Never in a million years did I think they would go there.

    But well, after the promo and this sneak peek.... I wonder if it will be handled well at all though, since they didn't feel like it was important enough to keep it under wraps. Perhaps the issue will be resolved quickly...

    Poor Jennifer and Michael though, what the writers put them through :D

  2. In last night preview of this coming episode, the closeness of Deb and didn't feel or appear to be a "closeness" for a brother and sister to be in. That would be something if the writers bring a romantic twist to their characters...especially after they split in real life. But, I'm thinking Deb will think it's F**kin' weird.

  3. I think it's an intriguing storyline, and they are probably doing it to further justify why Deb won't turn Dexter in when she finds out.

    I mean, she doesn't just love her brother, she loooooooooooooooves her brother! LOL.

  4. Ok...this is WEIRD. I mean, Deb and Dexter together? Like...what? They're brothers, not blood related, okay, but still...and they were married in real life. If this happens, this will be the most...the most...i don't even know what to say! I mean, Debra already dated a guy who was a Serial Killer, right? Well, what will happen if she finds out that her new Boyfriend-Brother is a...SERIAL KILLER?

  5. Anon at 2:33

    I doubt very seriously that they will "be together". I just think it will be one of those things that is boiling under the surface for the next year. We will be tuning in every week with a mixture of curiosity and disgust to see what's going to happen.

    Every Dexter and Deb scene will be awesome from here on out, what they say, what they don't say... it all just ramps the tension up another notch.

    The writers really know how to keep us addicted. :)

  6. It is not a coincidence that Debra fell in love with Brian Moser ( Dexter's biological brother) in the first place and brian is shown and referred to a lot in this season. Debra and Brian almost got married. I think that is because she really loved Dexter unknowingly not Brian and she kinda saw Dexter in Brian because they were similiar. These writers are very good and I can't wait how their story unfolds. Unfortunately she will probably be disappointed by the other brother as well when she gets to know the truth.
    Dexter said in season 1 that if he ever had feelings at all, they would have them for Deb. Now he has developed some feelings during the previous seasons so we will see how he will use them. I think they will drag this stroyline through season 7 as well.

  7. I think it will be revealed that Dexter is an Alien from another planet, and that Deb has been involved in a secret relationship with Lil' Wayne the whole time.

  8. I'm going to STRONGLY disagree that it's not a coincidence Deb fell for Brian/Rudy and that it somehow comes back to her having feelings for Dexter (which I am putting aside and hoping does not become a major plot point)-- Rudy completely lied to Deb about who he was, he played the perfect role of the Best Boyfriend Ever, everything about their relationship was totally contrived for the purposes of getting to Dexter and "freeing" him by killing Deb. While Deb may choose "unavailable" men Rudy was on his face the perfect choice, I totally disagree from Deb's POV it had anything to do with anything more than he was smart, good-looking, sensitive, caring, accomplished, good in bed, etc. I agree its not a coincidence we have seen Brian and had so many references to him this season but I think that foreshadows (along with some of the stuff on Travis & his sister) Deb finding out about Dexter's hobby, not Deb realizing she has romantic feelings for her brother! That would seriously make this loyal viewer since S1 think very hard about whether or not I want to continue to watch this show. Personal lives aside... MCH and JC do such amazing jobs with their characters, who are siblings blood or otherwise, and that is just a line that I don't ever want to see crossed. Here's hoping the writers have a similar sensibility.

    Otherwise the Lil Wayne/Alien idea sounds good :)

  9. Yet we know it's not coincidence because the therapist brought it up!

    You are saying that Brian was a sociopath and fakes all his feelings, well yea - does that remind you of anyone ELSE on the show? Come on now, of course Deb would notice that. He has all the fake social charms, just like Dexter.

    I understand Christian Carmargo only slightly resembles MCH in real life, but the resemblance between Dexter and Brian is supposed to be closer in the screenplay. In fact, in the books they are almost identical twins. The first time Deb sees Brian in "Darkly Dreaming Dexter", she thinks it's Dexter, which is how Brian is able to capture her.

    So it's not coincidence.

    It's a psychological thing, something that Deb is discovering about herself.

    It doesn't mean they are going to sleep together or enter into a romantic relationship.

    You can't take the moral high ground here, because you already ok with cheering on a guy who is murdering people. What's a longing look between two broken hearted foster siblings compared to that? Or even a little stolen kiss compared to that.

    I doubt very much you are really going to stop watching the show over such a little thing. ;)

  10. Although it sounds a bit awkward (even creepy, i would say), i understand that Deb could really have romantic feelings for Dexter... they 're not really simblings after all.... But even if Deb doesn't see Dex purely as a brother, how are the writers going to make Dexter see Deb other than as his sister? I know, he has said before that if he had any feelings for anyone it would be for Deb, but... how is he going to realize that if it happens?

    I'm not sure if i want to see such a kind of relationship, although the actors' chemistry is awesome. I'm sure though, that Deb is going to discover everything... will she cope with that as Dexter's sister, girlfriend (!) or lieutenant?

    And i want to remind you the episode 11 promo... Dexter makes some kind of move towards Deb and she's staring him.. strangely. Would it be THE move? Would it be that Deb already knows and Dex trying to calm her down... or would it be that he just saved her from that crazy doomsday assistant?

  11. Jeff Lindsay is NOT going to like this one, I'll tell you that!!

  12. you know, I just thought of something....what about the possibility that Deb is DREAMING that? Or imagining it as the therapist is suggesting it? I actually think that assumption is far more likely!

  13. Jodi

    Lindsay's books flirted with that stuff way early on. So it's his fault. When I watched the first two seasons of Dexter I didn't totally picked up on it. But when I read the first book it was completely obvious. Especially considering how jealous Dexter got when Kyle entered the picture.

  14. For those who disagree with this are just close-minded.I am sorry for saying this, but that is how it is.Not only does all of this make sense, it's totally understandable and possible.Dexter was adopted, ergo they are not real siblings.It's true they grow up together thinking about themselves as brothers, only you don't know that for sure.Maybe Debra always had something for Dexter in her uncounscious.And it's a perfectly normal psychological thing.The writers are really smart playing with this.It explains why Debra chooses the wrong men for herself.And when I said "chooses", I meant uncounsciously.Meaning, she isn't aware of that.I am not saying she fall in love with Brian because he resembled Dexter's behaviour and mannerisms.I am saying that every relantionship she had, either was with the wrong guy or she purposely ended(uncounsciously) the relantionship for poor reasons.I knew a couple who were in the exact same situation(except the brother being a serial killer, from what I know of him at least).The boy was adopted and they grew up as brothers and around 30 they realized they were in love with each other.Now they are married for 8 years.And it's alright.Because they were never brother and sister in the first place.Just like Dexter and Debra.What I am saying is that this is a common thing.And even if it weren't, this is a show about a likable serial killer who has millions of fans worldwide.So, this pales in comparison with the fact that Dexter is a serial killer.Now, I don't know if it will be good for the show to take this turn, but I think it's good to flirt with the idea for a while.

  15. I can just see the Dexter and Deb shippers coming out of the woodwork already! ROFL, you just have to love the internet age.

    What are they going to call this?



    Awesome. I can't wait for all the speculation, the frumpy old woman "eeeeeeews", and crazy nerdgirl fanfic cropping up everywhere. Pretty soon we will have a whole new audience just fawning all over every Dexter and Deb scene.

    No wonder they were screwing with people by editing the promo funky. It will be worth a million extra viewers next year if they just add in a few three second scenes of Dexter and Deb staring at each other longingly across the police station. Instead of "When is Dexter going to get caught?", or "When will Deb find out?" It's going to be a "When will they..."

    There will be musical youtube videos with really shitty sappy love songs, complaints about not enough scenes between them, and on and on. Not to mention all the people who will be "righteously outraged!" There will be talk shows dedicated to just how destructive this show is. "It's the most horrible show on television!" announces Reverend Bing. "A serial killer who sleeps with his sister? What are we teaching our children here?"

    Pandora's box has been opened baby!

    + A whole bunch of drunk college guys are going to be at the TV Sunday night cheering "Do it Dexter, just DO IT!"

  16. I think Deb has always been driven by the constant seek of someone to fulfill her. First she was looking stability into someone who reminded her of her father (Lundy), which we all shall be aware that is a very common thing, it doesn't mean we want to be romantically involved with our parents it means we are constantly fighting to find someone adequate for us blah blah (in my case dad, mother in male cases AKA= Oedipus complex, Electra complex )
    Later on, the perfect picture of her father vanished when she learned her father had cheated with Dexter's mom, and all that yadda, meaning the only one person she can trust is dexter, as she said, she hasn't cheated on him, for he hasn't done it.
    Brotherly love is a very complex thing, most brothers tend to experiment in early stages (and its more factible if those brothers are around the same age) with sexuality together, still Dexter was far more asexual while a teenager, and both across the TV series have had enough sex, they don't seem to be aiming for that , most probably stability which both characters lack apart from each other.

  17. wow.. you people are nuts;).. and why do you call them brothers? the term would be siblings.. lol.. in the back alley hillbilly backwards town of deliverance you would see siblings getting freaky with each other foster, biological or otherwise (ha!), but a popular, well written tv show? it's normal to hint at it, in fact this would come up in a real therapy session... those you are close to growing up or wanted to be close to will be the 'baseline' of any relationship you develop as an adult.. do i think the therapist is going to suggest deb follow through with any incestous feelings for her brother? no! that would be unethical... but her having a wild, wierd dream about it? sure.. we've all had wierd dreams we would rather forget ;)

    biological or adopted siblings... it would be wrong and sad.. and as usual promos give us suspense.. and then when we see the actual show, we are usually disappointed and confused.. am i right? ;)

  18. @anon 9:03am

    I believe Deb makes the first move albeit a little one. Pause the scene after he looks at her(its quick but it just shows her face) if you looks closely it looks like she is reaching out and holding his hand or something based upon the position she is in. (You can tell from looking at the position of her arms) this I think initiates Dexter to move in on her

  19. Anon at 12:34

    You are watching a show about a guy butchering human beings, we went way past "wrong and sad" in the first ten minutes of the pilot. Please.

    Anon at 12:38

    Deb is fantasizing, Dexter is unaware, I'm pretty sure.

  20. Finally I have been waiting for this realization between Deb and Dexter since the end of season 1. I think the feelings were always there unspoken. There is a reason why Deb hated so much Lila and I loved the scene when Deb got into the apartment finding a naked Lila there, then went into Dexter's room and asked. Are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire? This was hilarious. And also in season 4 where Deb got shot, I really loved the hospital scene when Dexter was holding her hand like some little puppy craving for contact.

  21. hahahahaha... duh it's a show about a serial killer.. that's the whole premise.. duh.. we only know that.. i'm thinking about how society views it, and how it is very taboo in society even between adopted siblings, just like if everyone found out about dexter.. i'm sure they wouldn't just give him an 'attaboy' dexter good job on taking out all those 'bad' guys.. i guess we'll look the other way about those 'innocents' you killed as well... lol...

    and here's a flipside storyline i've read about more than once... two people fall in love and have intimate relations... parents find out and start freaking out on them saying they have to break it off.. they are wondering why? well with a lot of shame a parent will admit to having an affair with the other's parent.. and low and below you are actually half brother and sister!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!! i have never seen a story that said... well we don't care... we are still in love... no it usually ends in years of therapy or murder, or suicide.... or severe depression... lol.... the writers aren't going to ruin the show with this... it's not a after dark showtime show.. lol..

  22. Dexter and Debra are siblings because Harry Morgen back then signed a piece of paper called the adaptation form. Now they can terminate their current staus any time they want by doing the same. After that they can easily get married by signing another form of paper. I do not see where is the problem, oh wait I know there are many hypocrit, ignorant and pathetic people in our society.

  23. Anon at 4:33 PM

    Do you even watch this show?

    I am going to shout this three times, just to drive the point home.

    1. They are NOT half brother and sister!
    2. They are NOT half brother and sister!
    3. They are NOT half brother and sister!

    This is the problem with all these people talking right and wrong, and saying the writers are going to ruin the show. How can the writers affect a show IF YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY WRITE?

    This is why I get so frustrated watching anything on TV, because the writers have to dumb every f**king thing down because the viewing audience is just too slow to pick up on stuff.

    One of the reasons I got hooked on Dexter, was because I liked the weird relationship and chemistry between these two. I was hoping one day that the writers would be able to explore it.

    I see now that it's impossible. Attention spans are just too short. They would rather see skanky blow jobs at high school reunions than a real complicated and tragic love story.

    I give up.

  24. There are a lot of people who don't even know what they watch. This is maybe due to ignorance or they just simply slow on the uptake and hypocrate. I dislike people writing about things who have absolutely no idea what the hell they are talking about. It makes me very sad that it's nearly impossible today to watch a great show because some people are dumb. Watch the fucking reality shows, transformers and movies like this. Waste of time and IQ. Dexter is one masterpiece that is rare nowadays. I hope it is not gonna be destroyed by ignorant, hypocrite people. The way the show and also the books introduced Dexter and Debra are just fantastic and the character developement is insanely gorgeous.
    Deb went through a lot of hardships. First she was abducted by Brian Moser, Lundy left her, she almost got Anton killed, Lundy died in front of her, rita's death and on the top of all that her brother didn't want to open up to her. She still made it to be a lietenant and achieved more than Harry ever did. After these hardships who could really blame her for having feelings for Dexter?? She has got nobody but him. I hope they continue deepening their relationship further. They are the heart of the show.

  25. Dex & Deb? Could be fascinating ...... I like Dex because it is so bloody, dark and intense. Anything that keeps it more so with each passing season is welcomed.

  26. yeah, Dexter and Deb as a couple seems to be wrong. And thats the reason why I would love to see it.
    Honestly, I guess we all watching this show to see twisted humans doing (obviously) wrong things against any kind of moral.

    So come on, give them a shot.

    If it doesn't work, dexter can still kill her and open a new chatper, called "I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister. I will not kill my sister."

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