Dexter - Episode 6.11 “Talk to the Hand” - Short Synopsis

Click the link below to read a short synopsis about episode 6.11 "Talk to the Hand" which airs on December 11...

Dexter develops a macabre scheme to try to apprehend the Doomsday Killers. Meanwhile, Debra and LaGuerta's battle over the case of the dead call girl intensifies and Debra's therapist makes a bold and disturbing suggestion. Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2011

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  1. I think that the bold suggestion made by the therapist is going to be that she thinks Deb has feelings for Dexter, not just the brother-sister kind. Anyway it will be interesting to see. I think Scott Buck and the other writers can do no wrong when it comes to Dexter. Great job guys!!!

  2. Sounds very interesting....
    What suggestion could Deb's therapist possibly make? I really have no clue.... Maybe she "just" suggest to stalk after Dexter to see what he is hiding from her. Don't think we have a reveal in 6x10 , but x11... maybe... we will see :D

  3. Ryan is in the next two episodes..... I wonder???????

  4. "Talk to the hand" obviously suggests that the stolen hand is a major part of the episode. So I'd imagine we'll discover some sort of connection between Louis and the ITK, be it a blood relationship or just in an 'obsessive about serial killers' sort of way. Also I suspect that Louis has in some way caught on to Dexter. Considering how he supposedly looks up to Dexter, and considering his IT skills, he's probably tracked Dexter's searches and found that he was researching that university professor just before he became the DDK victim.

    As for the 'bold and disturbing' suggestion, perhaps she suggests that Dexter is obviously hiding something and suggests that Deb try to uncover what it is, possibly by following him, as mentioned above.

    I get the sense that the DDK thing is somehow a distraction for a much bigger reveal/twist/cliffhanger to come at the end of the season.

    My feeling is that one of the main characters (possibly Deb) will find out about Dexter at the very end of Ep 12, and that will be the cliffhanger taking us into season 7.

    All of that is complete conjecture, I'm probably 100% off the mark.

  5. There is also another hand that comes into play in episode 10 that this could also be referring to.

  6. Louis gave dexter a serch engine a few episodes back, as he said it was quicker than google. Dex has been using this search engine to look up all sorts of things, maybe Louis will have some way of seeing dexter's search history. Just a little thought

  7. With the Deb/Dexter thing - it's fascinating to watch their relationship because my next door neighbors were foster siblings. He was brought into the family when she was 7 and he was 9. In their mid 20's they realized they loved each other... got married and just recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. They have three children. They are great people and seem very happy together. There is no DNA involved, so guess there is nothing wrong with it, but it still seems strange to me. But then again, love does that thing where it kinda transcends barriers.

    It's pretty obvious that Deb is in love with her brother, and probably vice versa - but I think that will always remain an unspoken thing.

    You can expect the audience to handle any type of violence, but when it comes to love, it needs to be pretty conventional or people tend to freak out.

    Fox news would have a heyday with it: "Showtime pushes incest, further proof that the liberals have destroyed American Values!"

  8. Ryan:

    There may be some subtext of feelings between Dexter and Deb, but I don't think the writers will go there. One of the producers (Sara Colleton, I am pretty sure) brought it up during an open forum one time. She quoted season 1 and said "Dexter did say if he could have have feelings for anyone it would be Deb". The audience laughed and Jennifer Carpenter kinda got grumpy about it. So I really don't think they will do much with that. The big revelation the psychologist gives Deb will probably be something else.

  9. Another thing that could happen is that Batista and Quinn get into a more serious fight. Judging by the pattern in the episodes, they seem to be coming to blows at every 3rd episode. In episode 3, near the Tooth Fairy victim crime scene, Quinn annoys Batista and almost gets punched in the face. Quinn does get punched in the face in episode 6 for harassing Batista's sister. And in episode 9, Quinn needles Batista so much that they fistfight in someones lawn. Maybe I'm stupid, but maybe we'll see something come out of that subplot in episode 12.

  10. "Dexter develops a macabre scheme to apprehend the Doomsday Killer." To me, that sounds like Dexter will build a tableau of his own to draw Travis out. Dexter now knows where Gellar's body is, so I wouldn't be surprised if Dexter used Gallar's body in that tableau. That would be awesome. Eventually, Dexter has to physically show Travis that Gellar is dead. Why not do it publicly? I think the most interesting aspect will be when Travis understands that he was the one to kill his sister.

  11. omg Nicholas!!!! That would be awesome!! Would u just hand in a CV to showtime already for a job as a Dexter writer!
    Wow this would be great! I hope it's dark as all hell too if he does it!

  12. Good one Nicholas.

    Add in a scene where Matthews comes to kill Deb to cover up his crime, and just when he is about to pull the trigger, Dexter pops out of the shadows and *gack* puts him down, and you have a great season final.

  13. Well, it looks like I was partially right, just by looking at the preview for next week. Dexter just uses Gellar's severed hand to dip a finger in blood to write "666" on the forhead of that angel statue. Though, I'm not sure who Dexter is trying to confuse. Is Dexter trying to convince Travis to come out of the shadows, or convince Miami Metro that Gellar is still alive...or both? For some reason, I'm thinking that it's not a good idea for Dexter to make it seem like Gellar had any hand in these Doomsday killings. It seems like something that might come back and bite Dexter on the ass. Dexter is basically using an innocent victim of Travis and making him (Gellar) into the monster that he clearly wasn't.

  14.  NEXT on Dexter predictions- 
    Season 6; EP 11- "Talk to the Hand" 
    We all know there are two hands  it could be. Will it be Gellar's hand (which Dex states, while talking to his "dad" that he is going to put it in the Morgue for a rainy day); OR will it be the ITK's hand that we now know is in Louis's very expensive apartment; OR will it be both Gellars & The ITK's hands??<~~ I'm thinking both hands will come out in the next ep & that Louis has been stalking Dexter & knows where Dex put Gellers hand, has he taken it too? Will Dex go to get Gellars hand & be confused when it's missing?Will Dex then notice that the ITK hand is gone as well? Will both hands turn up in the twisted world of Travis? 
    Is Maukas first intern (the girl that stole the hand) in on this thing with Louis or will she be found dead cuz Louis killed her for the hand, or maybe Louis just bought it from her?
    The search engine that Louis told Dex about probably was created by Louis himself (he's super smart & computer savvy). I really think that Dex will find that he's the creator of this search engine & that Louis has access to everyone who uses the web search engines history (deleted or not), & that Louis has been onto Dexter.  
    I think I remember a few episodes back, that Louis had found Masukas porn searches. Also when Dex was using the search engine that Louis told him about, the camera made it a point to show us that he was using the site (like it was a hint, that this would be important later).  I can't remember the name of the search site but I bet the name of the site is a hint/clue as to who the site owner is & relates to Dexters like somehow. Gunna go look it up!
     Louis will probably turn out to be related to Dex, maybe a baby brother that Dex is blocking from his memory some how or Dexters real dads son. Something will be between them . Maybe he will turn out to be a close relative that Rudy (ITK)was close too his whole life, someone Dex didn't know about. Louis got VERY disappointed & disturbed by Dexters comment on his video game. He was desperately seeking Dexters approval for some reason, & obviously he knows that Dex is a Serial Killer, but didn't understand why Dex was acting like it offended him. 
    Is Louis using Dexters sitter to get closer to Dex?  So many things it coul be. Deb is getting pretty suspicious about Dexters busy private life, so I'm pretty dang sure she's going to start to snoop, follow & dig. 
    Poor Deb has death surrounding her, when will she snap? Will she snap & cause Dex to open up about who he really is? Will Deb just confront her bro about the secretive life he leads & tell Dex that she's been following him? Will Deb find out while following Dex, that Louis is also following Dex?
    Laguarda is defiantly about to lose her job, right along with Matthews for this whole hooker cover up, but not before they try & ruin Deb or hurt her which, Dex will be there to save Deb. Will this be how Deb finds out just who her brother is, & when Deb finally snaps about her life? All of the people lost had to do with Dexter, will she hate him for the all the folks she's lost? Will she blame him? Okay I'm done now. Hah! Sorry so long!
    I HATE when the Dexter app doesn't post the new sneak peak vids right away or just do not post them at all! I HATE waiting for next Sunday to slowly come & I also HATE knowing  that the end of the season is only 2 shows away :(

  15. Nice post. You brought up a number of good points to think about until next Sunday rolls around. Their is a third hand in the mix, as well. We have Monique's prosthesis, that Louis bought; there's Pofessor Gellar's hand, that Dexter severed; lastly, we have Professor Trent Casey's hand, that Travis severed. I'm sure each hand will find itself in the cookie jar, so to speak, and all three will make an appearance in the episode. I think they are all right hands, too. That leads me to an interesting thought: By majority, right hands ars usually the dominant in humans, so it's called dexter. Left hands are called sinister. (Trivia: That's how the author of the books, Jeff Lindsay, gave his Dexter character his name.)

    "Elliotsearchengine" is what Louis suggested Dexter to use for his searches. If you remember, Elliot was the name of Rita and Dexter's neighbor on Meadow Lane. Though, the fact that a search engine and Dexter's old neighbor share the same name, doesn't mean he payed Louis to look into Dexter; it could just be a coincidence. That would be a clever way to throw in some misdirection. I don't think Elliot (the person) has anything to do with Louis, but you never know.

  16. Gave up on dexter, was a fan, now it's campy and irritating.

  17. Ryan, first poster on this thread, is a genius.

    Looks like you nailed it and we had no clue.

    Oh Yes they ARE going there.

    Fanfrakkin-tastic. I love crazy twists that aren't crazy in retrospective.

    I went back and watched all of season 1 again in light of this info and thought OMG! Deb does love Dexter!

  18. Look, Dexter has been sloppy this season. From Harrison seeing him with the slides. To bringing the pen home from the motel where he killed the owner,to traveling to see Jonas and stealing a gun, to trusting Travis to, killing the wrong person on the boat, and using a search engine on his computer built by a tech geek that is 99.99% being tracked and traced. I don't know what the end game is but Tech guy has been trying to hard too overzealous and too weird. Batista was right about the dude. There's something not right, he sees Dexter as a rock star and he's made a game about serial killers, when he was purporting it to be about the police dept.

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