BIG POLL: Rate Dexter Season 6 From 1 to 10

Another season of Dexter is over. Now that everyone has watched all the episodes, let's rate season 6 from 1 to 10. Vote below!

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  1. Awful - Mos Def and Deb finding out about Dexter were the only good things. Deb having "feelings" for Dex? Dexter going after DDK for no reason when MMPD could have handled it? EJO being dead and no one telling Colin Hanks as he acted out the scenes? Dex making calls and videos and setting up a tableau himself? Irresponsible, stupid, ridiculous. Made no sense. Sloppy. PLEASE go back to original formula for Season 7 or this show is cooked. Don't know what Scott Buck was thinking this year.

  2. I'm pretty sure that its not Scott Buck's doing, but Michael C. Hall's. The man does NOT want to be associated with Dexter anymore - the attention he gets from the role is ruining his day-to-day life. He's trying to systematically ruin the show, season by season, so that he can put it all behind him. It doesn't matter who the Show Runner is this season, last season, or next - as long as Michael is on board and in an executive position the show is fucked.

  3. Never thought it could get worse than Season 5.

  4. Perfect. Come on, most tv shows are dull at season 3. This is Dexter, and his still on! Still Exciting, still creepy, STILL EVOLVING! This year they brought on religion. They showed that one man can bend it, use God and invented beliefs to satisfy his sickness. That was a great theme. It Is the main reason of such a high rate. Travis, or DDK, was hell of a character. Though I wouldnt mind to know more about him. Deb's love definitely was The WTF moment of a lifetime. But no worries. WTF is much better than 'I guess Im falling asleap...'. That was a great shock, and u know what? I Enjoyed it. A LOT. And yes, BLOOOOOOOOD. Can u name something more disgusting, than 4 horsemen? Keep it Up, Dexter! Something HUGE's coming next year :D

  5. This season, as a whole, was too one-tracked, single-layered, and superficial. However, I do think Deb's newly realized romantic feelings were an intelligent move (though they weren't poignantly executed) and the ending was perfect in it's quick, unstated, bite.

    I hope, now that the writers are able to have a more conclusive idea of where the story is going to end, that they'll be able to make season 7 much tighter and multifaceted. I look forward to next fall.

  6. This season gets better on the re-watch. The love story was the single most compelling facet of the series since season one and I feel like we have finally got back to the heart of what Dexter is about.

    "The little wooden boy who wants to be human."

    That's the story of Dexter, everything else is just window dressing.

  7. Did anyone notice that in those last seconds, Deb had quite a bit of time to react before Dex did what he did? She could have said or done anything before he stabbed Travis, but she didn't, because deep down, she knew it already and is also ready to accept him as he is, finally knowing the truth. This is going in the direction of the books, kind of, which I think is cool. You losers have to step out of your little comfort zones and accept these things as they are. The show can't stay the same forever. Get over it or stop watching the show; no one is twisting your arm.


  9. do u people really think perfect???? Fuck me, that is soooooo naive and truely blind to the many dimensions and possibilities of fiction.

  10. Marto...

    I think this season has been really the first leap forward in the story since season 2. We are finally getting close to the heart of Dexter and Debra - Deb was first on the boat, now Dexter is about to discover that he is in fact, not alone and that there is someone who will love him unconditionally and accept him for who he is.

    That is a HUGE change in the story and it's a change that is going to affect him profoundly.

    It's astounding for all of the Dexter fans who were paying very close attention to Debra and what she represented since season one.

    Some of us just got "it" we were not blind at all, and we all saw the possibilities!

    We don't need to be stuck in the kill room killing bad guys over and over, it's the character that attracts us to the show, not the "gimmick". For all this talk of writing, it seems to me the biggest complaint is that people are missing out on the gimmicks. :)

  11. wow whoever the anonymous poster above is, really misunderstood what i was saying. Yes there was development, in the end, but it took 10 episodes to get anywhere. And when it did, the Deb in love with Dex thing, very odd. Obviously a way to get her as close as possible to Dexter b4 the shoe dropped, but there were so many other and better ways to do it. And i am not one to miss the kill rooms every week. I find that refreshing actually to not have a "kill of the week" especially after he broke his blood slides.
    I am referring to the very shoddy writing dude, the numerous plot holes and (apart from Deb) the EXTREMELY limited character development. Many missed opportunies too and even directing at times.
    Thats what i am referring to. This season was in no way perfect and i gave it a 5. Yes the finale was awesome, and not just the final 5 minutes, but it was a whole. But everything leading up to that was dodgy and rushed.
    Do not act like you're some awesome tv critic who can read between the lines and discover soemthing that we didnt, cos obviously we noticed the unecessary Deb in love with Dex thing, but obviously u didnt acknowledge the numerous plot holes etc that i mentioned above. This is definitely the least impressive season out of the 6.No doubt.

  12. Marto

    Don't insult my intelligence by calling me a TV critic. Translation: "Glorified gossip columnist assigned to blurb about random TV shows they don't watch until they can get their job on TMZ hounding celebs"

    TV critics on the net SUCK pure and simple, at least 75% read recaps and other reviews and never watch the episodes!

    The Deb and Dexter thing has been going on since season 1. If you missed the boat sorry, but for those us who DIDN'T miss it - this season was very enjoyable. And you know what? It turns out MOST of the fans did see it and did get it, and kinda figured it was coming.

    As for plot holes? It's always been part of the show since season 2. Why people are just noticing them now, blows my mind!

    Season 4 had the worst plotholes of all and most people are on their knees gesticulating to the almighty season 4...

  13. Totally agree with Marto. I mean, just because Dexter continues to be a little bit above average and a enjoyable show, it doesn't mean it's perfect. Seasons 1,2,4 are some of the bests hours in recent tv. Season 3 and 5 were a lot better than 6 even with its miss-flaws. I'ts just sad to see the quality of a show going in a downward spiral: predictable twists, plot holes, hard to believe choices,supporting characters stories are going worse.............

    And by the way, I understand what Deb represent to Dex since Season 1.But they love each other AS SIBLINGS. I don't buy that crap that the idea was around since season 2. Deb more than once show disgust about seeing dexter in a physical way.

  14. Anon at 11:13

    I call BS. There is nothing about their relationship that spelled normal siblings. It was always a little weird, co-dependent bordering on obsessive. The jealousy, the need for Deb to be in every little bit of his personal life right down to wanting to know the intimate little details of his sex life. Come on!

    It's like watching Bones or Castle and claiming "Um yea, there was no chemistry or romantic overtones in seasons 1 or 2 of those shows either!"

    They were melting up the screen most of the time - walking in on each other having sex, and on and on.

    "The tie brings out the color of your eyes!"
    "Why won't you let me in!"
    "Are you going to fuck her or set her on fire?"
    "It's beautiful!" "Did you just say beautiful Dex?"
    "If anything happened to (Deb) I'd be LOST."

    All that crap is way beyond sibling love.

    1. It's in the show.
    2. Most of the fans have seen it.
    3. The writers and actors have just come out and said it. "Yea' we've been talking about it for awhile.
    4. The attraction was undeniable, the actors even got married IRL.

    All denial at this point is nothing more than sheer obstinateness.

    "Perversely adhering to an opinion in spite of all reason, arguments, and persuasion."

    Love stories between adopted/foster siblings are everywhere in classic literature and movies - they often go hand in hand with "The Changeling Myth" - which Dexter has definite shades of, you know, the little kid who is brought into the family and raised as their own that has the special purpose or is tainted with evil? From the story of Moses all the way to modern fiction it can be found everywhere.

    In the epic 12th century Asian poem "Knight in the Panther Skin" the king of the realm adopts a boy, and then later his wife finally conceives a child, a baby girl named Nestan-Darejan. The boy becomes murderous and has to go on an epic quest to win his adopted sister's love, in the end her love for him redeems him from the taint of murder, and they are married as husband and wife.

    One of the most fabulous and influential pieces of literature ever conceived, and it's almost eerie how similar some of it is to the plot of Dexter.

    It's a GREAT story.

    And it just goes to show you, every great story has already been told at least once before. Dexter uses myths and fables to illustrate things from the unstated Frankenstein story underlying the whole series to Dexter often comparing himself to Pinocchio - the little wooden boy who wants to be human, the show revels in mythology.

    In order for this tale to wrap up correctly, Dexter has to complete his journey as outlined in the pilot. He has to fall in love with Debra. However that turns out, it's his destiny.

  15. The writing fell short for me in several areas. I would have liked for Dexter to have had some dire consequences when he "bargained" with God but did not pay his debt. What was the point of bringing Brian back? Trinity's son? And Deb in love with Dexter? And what happen to the damn nanny??? Season 7 has a clean up on isle 6!

  16. @Anon 12:52.
    Sorry dude, but u sounds like SUCH a pretentious tool. I think you're confusing yourself man. Damm.
    @Anon 11.13. You're right dude, i wont insult your intelligence, cos you're definitely doing that youself with those comments. IT was has not been coming since season 1, nothing anyone will say will convince me of that. Nothing but pure sibling connection.
    And season 4 had no noticeable plot holes. None that were not justifable anyway, and in particular, very limited plot holes in the first 3. Absolutely nothing compared to the gaping holes in season 6.
    Yeah lots of people watched the show and the ratings were through the roof, that doesnt neccesarily mean it's good right? The reason the number increase every season is people begin watching the show and then catch up and then subscribe for the next season etc. Ratings do not mean the show is wonderful.
    I love this show absolutely more than anything, but hurts me to be honest to see this extreme decline in quality. I hope with Deb walking in on Dexter, the cat is out of the bag and the final 2 seasons are a return to form.

  17. @marto, scott buck was the one who said that the "deb in love with dexter" has been around since s2 , and suddenly there are a lot of fans said that they saw this coming. I don't buy it. I'm not insulting my intelligence. Its like many fans are blind and want to believe
    That this season was amazing
    @anon 12:52, I'm not saying that the adopted siblings falling in love idea is crap (in dexter I believe it is) and haven't been used successfully, and I haven't read th e poem you said but dexter is based on the books of jeff lindsay, specially dex and deb characters. Nowhere in the books, are signs of this "love". And not in the tv show. All the examples you put, normal sibling stuff. to say to your sister that her hair is beautiful is sign that you are in love with her? To tell your brother that a tie looks good on him and that you would like that he share more with you means you are falling for him?. Deb wasn't jelaous of rita, example, like
    @marto said, your are confused.

    @marto , I agree with you totally, lets hope that the writers do their work right for the final two seasons, if the final scene is deb and dex marrying or something like that, I will curse showtime for the rest of my life

  18. Marto:

    I put forth a rational, strong argument - in reply, you said... nothing.

    "No, I am right you are wrong - and you are tool, you are confused, and it sucked." is NOT an argument.

    Insults for anyone who disagrees with you, insults for the writers of the show - pulled out of your ass and based on rumors, innuendo, and wrong thinking, are all that you have. You best rationalization is name calling, you denials are empty, without substance, based only on knee jerk reactions and emotion. You brought nothing to prove your point. You are acting like a misbehaving child attempting to kick and scream to get your way. "you are a pretentious tool" - "Scott Buck is a liar" seriously? That's the best argument you have?

    I think we are done. *rolling eyes*

    Moving on.


    Is this one of those things where, you post as one person, and then as an anon other to agree with yourself? Your writing style, punctuation, and incomplete thoughts are so similar to Marto that I have to think at first glance that you are Marto.

    Going to give you the benefit of the doubt, just in case. So, as to your arguments.

    Jeff Lindsay's Deb and Dexter are completely different people. You can't compare. Though there are "moments" none of them are especially strong, and there are no actors so you can't see "chemistry" at play. Book Dexter is less human and more vile on the one hand (less Jack Bauer, and more of a bumbling detective in the tradition of Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe), but more emotionally in touch with Deb on the other. He is quite devoted to her and vocalizes feelings about her far more than television Dexter. At one point his inner monologue on drugs in the book goes "I love her, I mean, I REALLY love her... she is the world to me." They share a close bond - she even asks him to kill people for her. In many ways "book" Dex is far more dedicated to Deb than she is to him. He is constantly trying to win her approval in the books, and she is always pushing him aside or dismissing him, or even bullying him. It's almost the opposite relationship to the TV show. So no, not comparable at all.

    Also, your attempt to "minimize" the effects of my arguments by underplaying and under-describing the scenes in the show doesn't work. It's not just what is said, it's how the actors say it, how the camera holds the shot, and the director handles the scene. There is a huge difference between "tie looks good on him" and Deb making like a puppy dog and lingering on Dex and saying "It really brings out the color of your eyes!" There are moments after moments like that in the show. Scenes are directed that way for a reason.

    All these people saying it's normal brother sister stuff? Are you kidding me? I've bumped around this planet for quite a few years. My family is full of brothers and sisters, and many people I know are brothers and sisters and I have never seen anything like that going on between a brother and a sister. (thank god) It's a pretty unique story.

  19. Anon at 12:10

    It won't end with them happily married, come on.

    The entire series has been about blood, it has focused on Dexter's blood relations, and who he is not related to by blood.

    What was the whole point of the Ice Truck Killer's tirade?

    He was painting fingernails and chopping them up to remind Dexter of their mother by blood. AND he was draining the blood from the prostitutes to show Dexter that Debra is not his blood. All the prostitutes were a metaphor for Debra "no blood" Morgan who was going to be the victim they shared together.

    But Brian miscalculated one thing. Dexter had one real emotion, one real peace of humanity that even he was unaware of. He loves Deb, and that's why Brian lost.

    It was a completely different ending and approach than the original book, and launched the series in a whole new direction from Jeff Lindsay's story.

    If the writers stay true to the theme of the show, the story is going to end with Deb and Dexter being joined by blood. My guess is that Dexter will be killed or sacrifice himself for his family. He will never live to see Debra give birth to their daughter... Laura.

    And will raise Harrison and Laura on her own. - half brother and sister, finally uniting Dexter, Debra and their parents, Harry, and Laura by blood. Whether the curse lives on in Harrison or they go more optimistic and do not give Harrison a dark passenger, I don't know... but I have a feeling that will be the approximate ending.

  20. @Anon 4:07. I didnt say iwas right or wrong, or that you are right or wrong, i simply said u sounded soooo pretentious and creating an argument so u jabber on about whatever the hell u went on about. I didnt acutally make any theories to you, especially ones based on "innuendo and rumour" that u so oddly mentioned.
    Anyway, i am calling no one i liar, but it really has NOT been building since season 1,2,3,4,5. They only started to throw in subtle,actually no so subtle, lines and actions this season. I hope it is absolutely squashed with Deb walking in on Dex and hope we never hear from it again.

  21. @ Anon 11:56 Dec. 29 ...if you actually think that MCH is actively trying to ruin the show and has more of a say than all the execs and writers then you are a complete moron. First off there is no way that the Showtime execs would keep a show running that the lead was actively trying to ruin. They would fire his ass and cancel the show. Second, the Dexter execs and writers have all the say. MCH has some when it comes to the direction of his character, but the executive producer title was more about giving him a raise before they renegotiated his contract. Third, MCH just doesnt seem anything like that kind of person. He seems like a total professional, and has never said that the show was ruining his life or any of the stupid shit you said. It's very clear that you haven't got the slightest clue as to what you are talking about.

    As for the others complaining about the show. It's clear that you are the minority in this equation. The majority polled the season above average, and most polled it as perfect (10). DO us all a favor and give it up, just don't watch season 7. You're asinine complaining will not be missed by anyone.

  22. Right on Jessie

    These people will come up with any lie to avoid the truth. They just hate that the missed one of the main plot lines of the show, and rather than fessing up and saying "Oh yea, I get it now." They want to pretend it never existed and all the actors and writers are making it up. That why the feel they have a shred of credibility left as couch critics.

  23. @anon at 4:07, for the record, i'm not @marto, sorry for my punctuation, and my incomplete ideas, It just that english is not my first language. But I agree in most points with him.

    Saying that, I think it's useless to continue to argue, some people like the season a lot, some people just don't. For me I find the premise (religion) of the season quite interesting, but I didn't like the execution, but that's just me, and I'm just giving my opinion.

    The same go for this "Dex and Deb" thing. Some people saw this coming and agree that is something natural, some of us not. You have your respectable point of view (I like the fact that you read and I really respect that), but we just differ in our perspectives. I'm not a tv expert or professional critic, but not even taking the whole picture (the scene, the actors, the shot),I see this love natural.

    Both can agree that we love the show...... even I feel this season wasn't up there with the quality of Dexter, I look foward for season 7. I will continue to watch it,the final scene of the season was awesome.

  24. Anon at 12:31

    That's a disagreement I can agree with. If you don't like a storyline, you don't like it, and I don't expect everyone to like everything on the show, and I respect your opinion and preference - and thank you for respectfully disagreeing.

    There are parts of the show, likewise, that I do not like, tough for me - it's just the way it is.

    The latter years of a show are the most difficult thing to pull off in television. Nothing can be "like it was" most of the things "have been done" and the characters have to leave the familiar. It's like being roused from a comfortable chair and forced to sit in a new location. Sometimes there is a little "Sheldon Cooper" in all of us (hopefully you understand that reference).

    The notion that people have that the love story should have been "building" is a misconception of the situation. It didn't change in seasons 1-5 because Dexter and Deb are both unaware about their true feelings. Season 6 was about Debra becoming self aware and Dexter losing his way.

    Debra: "Is this what it feels like to be in control of my emotions?"

    Dexter: "How did I get so lost?"

    We have a reversal of roles, it is Debra who is getting stronger, and Dexter who will have to rely on her in the future.

    Now that they jumped into this storyline with Deb, with both feet - both admitting to her love, and finding out her brother is a killer, I'd like to believe that the writers will keep "moving forward".

    This idea that she will just "fracture' or "fall out of love" or that the psychologist "planted the idea" or that it was all "just a dream" or that Dexter will "trick her into thinking this is his first kill" is preposterous, and would betray the characters and everything that has happened for six years.

    A: She has loved him her entire life, mad mad love. That doesn't go away.

    B: Deb has seen Dexter commit a ritual kill, with all the instruments familiar to her from the BHB case. The plastic, the butchering tools, the stab to the chest - she has been at several of Dexter's crime scenes before, she has profiled him twice, the blood slide and the sliced cheek she has seen before. There is nothing about this that would convince her that Dexter is anything other than what he appears to be. The serial killer she has been chasing on and off for her entire career as a detective.

    Debra has grown too much, she is too strong now, she is too smart, and she is too in love. Strong, intelligent women who have figured themselves out, and know what they want, are like a force of nature. They don't lose.

    Any attempts to weasel out of the love story, or weasel out of Debra Morgan knowing exactly what her brother is, would be disingenuous to the characters, and so far, in the entire history of this show... the writers been genuine, and have remained true to their characters.

    Dexter has one major self discovery left, one part of himself that he is still unaware of, and like Deb he needs to figure it out in order to complete his journey.

    But "if" and that's a huge "if" they DO get together, if there is a love scene, that segment of fans who say they will stop watching, will not. It's all hot air. As far as I can tell, shocking, tragic, and forbidden love stories tend to draw viewers, not push them away.

    How that story takes shape is out of our hands, as it should be. I doubt I will get the season or the story or the ending I want. I HOPE that I get a season, a story, and an ending I like...

    My least favorite season was "3", by far, and yet there was some great Deb/Dex stuff that year, some great family stuff, the scene where Dex punches out Masuka, and an episode called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" which remains one of my top 3 favorite Dexter episodes of all time. So I still had a reason to be happy.

  25. JEssieJames, yours is the comment that is asinine. It was not perfect dude! How, for even 1 second can u say that???? There were sooooo many plot holes and unnatural character turns(Not just Deb's story line) and people just rate it "perfect" because they just drone out and watch it and think "oh yeah thats a cool scene, best series ever", they don't actually take the time, or have the ability to analyse it on a deeper level. You are one of these people. U may know many facts about the hsow and production, but u seem to care little for the nuanaces of each character and the writing of dialogue. U really need to watch shows the like Breaking Bad, or The Wire, to know what perfect writing is. Not a plot hole in sight and the writing is perfectly tight. Sadly not like Dexter is anymore.
    @Anon 11.29. Your comment is perhaps worse in terms of utter stupidity and ignorance. It's not that people missed the story line(not sure which one you're actually referring to,im assuimg Deb), it's that that can actually see behind the shade of the characters, that we have been watching for 6 years. You're the one claiming to be a couch critic "oh yeah im so smart, i saw it all along, brilliant" No, it has not been happening all along and u are grasping at something that isn't there. So pipe down with ignortant comments like that.

  26. Marto

    Comparing The Wire to Breaking Bad to Dexter is like comparing Boyz in the Hood to The Fight Club to The Dark Knight Returns. Totally different mediums and different style of writing, one is an inner city urban drama, one is an existentialist journey, and one is a about mythological dark avenger - which is based in comic book fantasy, forensic crime drama, and film noir. The love story, however it ends up, fits the genre of Dexter like a glove.

    At this point you aren't even an effective troll and your flames and insults are, well, just sort of sad. About the only internet cliche's you haven't nailed yet, are insulting someone's mother, or using a gay slur.

  27. Different medium??? UMM yeah...nah they're not.
    And are u saying that because of the different settings,genre and style of character, they're not allowed to have tight writing?
    How is Dexter not existentialism at work??? I would dare say his individual journey has kinda been explored??? Yeah. As Walter White's has. So you're absolutely,extraordinarily wrong, they are very comparable. And Michael Lee and Namond Brice from The Wire??? Very strong parallels again. You're just a fuckin' idiot dude. I mean i am sorry for language people, but people like u tick me off. Anyway i digress, i was merely mentioing those 2 show as examples of great writing that never had any noticeable plot holes, especially not the glaring ones Dexter's previous 2 seasons have had and how they never seem to miss opportunities to futher develop a a character, or story arc and at the same time never simply dropping character/arcs out of the loop,again which Dexter's 2 previous seasons have done,multiple times.
    Im not trying to be a troll, if u even know what that means mr Anonymous poster.
    You're the fucking troll who just comes on here in an attempt to intimdate people by saying as many long and convoluted words as possible in an attempt to pass yourself as some sort of analytical genius. You're a muppet in every sense of the word. I dont even recall what your, or our original argument was, but i know,it's fellow Dexter fans like you that i dont want any sort of conversation with.

  28. Marto

    First of all, you are confusing existentialism with surrealism or absurdism. I think some critic erroneously tried to tie Dexter to Meursault, from "The Stranger" but that is... dubious, at best. Meursault commits one murder, and is not motivated to become a serial killer through some "hunger", and secondly Albert Camus roundly rejected existentialism, referring to himself as an "absurdist".

    Existentialism is about living your life with passion and sincerity in such a way that you create your own reality. It's about conquering the obstacles, all your personal, rage, grief, and negative emotion in your life and seizing control of who you are and defining who you are and creating your own reality.

    Dexter is the antithesis of that, he has let Harry and his personal trauma and pain define who he is, he is a "slave' to an outside force called "The Dark Passenger" that is driving him, in the show it's some sort of psychosis that robs him of the life he wants, in the book it's an actual demonic entity that possesses him. Dexter is essentially surrealism and horror - with all those bodies, plastic, and "magic powers" he has.

    Deb's recent discovery of her love for Dexter, accepting it, and taking charge of it, is the only "existential" bit on the show, and apparently you hate that part of the show.

    Even in Breaking Bad, only the initial idea of Walter consciously choosing his path to defeat the hand he is dealt (cancer) is existential (even if it is "anti heroic"). I have not had a chance to watch the whole series, but from what I can tell there is a strong "moralist" vein in that show that ultimately supersedes the existentialism.

    As for all your other stuff...

    Hurling threats and insults and trolling, and saying things like 'people like you tik me off' means - little. Not only losing the argument, but by now, your own dignity.

    If you don't want to converse with me, then don't. If you "hate Dexter fans like me" you are hating on a lot of people who don't deserve it.

    Choosing to be positive, even in disagreement, always trumps choosing the wrong path.

    I am posting about Dexter for the first time as a fan, and I am talking and talking and talking, for the first time about this show, because I loved what happened in season 6. It BLEW MY MIND.

    I don't talk much about other shows on forums, in fact, only one other, ever.

    And I will confess. I did once get negative about that show. (As negative as I can be)

    I got caught up with the people who somehow understood the show better than it's own writers and producers.

    BUT, I was wrong. All us complainers ended up with egg on our faces. We looked like FOOLS.

    Their storyline panned out over the long run, made the show better. The writers knew better than us FANS, what they did made perfect sense for the legacy of the show - now we see that the show would have failed without it.

    Just like on Dexter, I have a feeling, that by the time this series is over, the love story between Deb and Dex will define the show.

    In season 3, Debra promises Dexter that she would kill him if he ever asked her to. I have a feeling that in the last episode of season 8, she will regret that promise.

    If she ends up shooting a bullet in the love of her life, when Dex begs her to do it - all these people whining about this love story are going to say:

    "Oh man, it wasn't enough. They didn't get enough time together, there wasn't enough of the love story... not enough love scenes. Dexter deserved more happiness."

    People never understand how awesome they have it, until it is gone.

  29. and there is no way in hell, Dexter is about the love between Deb and Dex, you could not be more wrong, and about that, there is confusion. Or however u would put that.
    jesus christ, it was introduced after a one liners and was spoken in ep 11 and ep 12. It has NOT been a season coming. Sorry to disappoint u. So wrong about that.

  30. Dexter is about a serial killer, but on the "human" side of the equation, which is just as important to the story, it is about love. Even if you don't have love, have never sacrificed anything for it, have never felt it, or been able to maintain a relationship, doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the show.

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