TOP 10 - The Best Quotes of Episode 6.08 "Sin of Omission"

Episode 8 of Season 6 "Sin of Omission" aired a few days ago. Click the link below to read the TOP 10 quotes of this episode and tell us in the comments what's your favorite!

10. "I bet she'd look lovely in red" -Gellar

9. "I didn't kill Jonah when I had the chance. Did Sam somehow bring out a little bit of light in me?" -Dexter

8. Do you have any idea how dangerous he is? He's crazy I know that now. He will finish his mission" -Travis

7. "Green thong. I love you green thong!" -Quinn

6. "Brother Sam did say all the answers were in here. I'm not sure he meant the answers to my kinds of questions" -Dexter

5. "Kearney Nebraska is where Trinity's family was murdered. Which you found out about the day you took your little joyride. So that is either motherf*cker of a coincidence, of you were "just driving" to f*cking Nebraska." -Debra

4. "We both lost people we loved to the same killer. I just felt a connection with him". -Dexter

3. "Burden me, my ass. I burden you all the time. It's not a burden for me to be here for you." -Debra

2. "Intern puppy dog has skills" -Dexter

1. "I've killed people" -Dexter

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  1. once again, top 10 worst quotes of another episode.

  2. Dude if you don't like it, then don't read it! Better yet, if the show is so bad for you--stop watching it!

  3. I agree, seriously...quit watching if it's so bad. Leave the rest of us that enjoy Dexter at peace.

  4. How stupid can u be to piss off a bunch of Dexter fans. Intern puppy dog has skills! I like!

  5. I don't like the show because I think the episodes usually have better quotes in them than what whoever posts these are?

    Leave it to the "Real Dexter fans" to come up with that one.

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