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Question: For the love of everything that’s holy, please tell us that the Blind Item about the female character dying on a cable show is not Deb from Dexter. Jennifer Carpenter is so underrated. Her portrayal is realistic, intelligent, and I truly connect with her because of her astounding acting ability. She’s half the reason I watch the show. —Shannon
Ausiello: Relax, it’s not Deb. The character I’m referring to is on a show with more than one word in the title.

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  1. "The Firm". Two words. Molly Parker.

  2. But they probably mean killed on the show with two words and not another show they happen to be in.

  3. not boardwalk empire!!!!???? Margret is my favorite character!!!!

  4. Saw Deb on The Good Wife last night. Perhaps you are wrong about who is killed.

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