Dexter - Episode 6.07 "Nebraska" - TV Guide Synopsis

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The GPS is set for small-town Nebraska on Dexter, as Dex takes some time off from the Doomsday Killer investigation (to Deb's chagrin) when some apparently unfinished business from the Trinity case — a callback to the show's very best season, the one that starred John Lithgow — calls him away to look into the possibility of a second-generation serial killer. He's accompanied on this joyride by a new "passenger," the ghost of his brother, former "Ice Pick Killer" Brian Moser (Christian Camargo). In a season dominated by religious imagery, including angels, as Dexter struggles with the concept of faith, Brian is more than happy to act as the devil on Dexter's shoulder, egging him on to a path of darkness.

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  1. It makes me upset to hear someone say that season 4 is the "very best season", simply beacuse John Lithgow guest starred. The key word is guest star. This is usally said by people who just watched the season beacuse of him and is not a die hard Dex fan anyway. Every season is great and i dont think there is a best season. But on a side note "Nebraska" is sure to be great!!!

  2. Must agree with Ryan here... Saying Series 4 was the best because of Lithgow is kind of sad. Yes I loved series 4... Probably a bit more than any other series so far... But no. The one who wrote that synopsis is just a casual Dexter fan.
    How can I say that ? The Ice Pick Killer.

  3. I didn't catch that Alex, but good point. I think I was too upset with the John Lithgow thing. I think season 2 was my favorite up until season 6. Now i think i have a new favorite!!!

  4. I watched 5 seasons of Dexter in 2 weeks time months ago, and I think that Season 4 has been the best too, and I'm not especially a John Lithgow fan....
    I have to say though that apart from season 3 they are all really close in term of excitement and surprises in my opinion

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