Dexter Boss Scott Buck Teases a 'Life-Altering Realization' for Deb, More Professor Gellar Mysteries

Via Will Deb ever discover the true identity of her vigilante/serial-killing brother? It’s the question that’s been hanging over the Showtime thriller (airing Sundays at 9/8c) for six seasons now, and in a recent interview with TVLine, showrunner Scott Buck hinted that said reveal may not be as far away as you think. The exec producer also helped unravel the mystery that is Professor Gellar and his sidekick Travis, and teased another shocking finale.

TVLINE | Deb appears to be increasingly conflicted with just about everything in her life. Is this something that continues throughout the remainder of the season?
Her journey by the end of the season will reveal some very life-altering realizations. Deb is someone who is very much a spur-of-the-moment, acting-on-every-impulse person; she’s not someone who has taken the time to peer too deeply within. [At the end of the season there] will be a circumstance in which she will finally do that; she’ll discover things about herself that she didn’t really know before. Read more after the jump below...

TVLINE | In particular, Deb seems frustrated in her relationship with her brother Dexter. Will that factor into the aforementioned realization?
There’s going to continue to be strain for these two as Deb continues to examine her relationship with her brother. She’ll perhaps take a step back and look at her brother in a slightly different light…

TVLINE | Let’s discuss the mystery shrouding Professor Gellar. The widespread theory is that he is not alive and, therefore, functioning as Travis’ version of Harry. Care to comment?
We’re trying to be a little bit different this year and not go down some of the typical paths we’ve gone. There are surprises along the way, so I don’t want to say too much about that, but [Gellar] is obviously a very important character for Dexter’s arc this season.

TVLINE | So, there’s no way I’ll get you to confirm or deny his existence?
[Laughs] By saying yes or no it will send people off in one direction or the other, so I’d rather keep them guessing about who this guy is.

TVLINE | Travis is difficult to read, though in recent weeks he seems to be coming more into his own. Are there more layers to him that will be peeled back as the season progresses?
His character is going to go through some radical changes and will ultimately surprise people very much toward the end when they see exactly who he is. He is not exactly who he seems to be, this tortured, tormented character.

TVLINE | And it’s safe to assume there is more to come between Travis and his sister?
There will be some big changes coming up between Travis and his sister, played by Molly Parker.

TVLINE | Dexter’s secondary characters — namely Quinn, Masuka and Batista — seem to be acting out this season, treating cases and evidence frivolously. Will their actions come back to haunt them?
These are characters who are taking steps in the wrong direction and there will be consequences for everything that they do.

TVLINE | Comparatively, we’ve seen a lot less of LaGuerta this year. Was that a plot device or a behind-the-scenes decision?
LaGuerta continues to be very important to the show. We’ve just moved her upstairs to a new position [within the precinct], but by the end of the season, she’ll prove to be even more powerful than we ever realized.

TVLINE | Should fans expect a cliffhanger finale, à la Trinity’s season, or something more closed-ended, like last year?
Our finale opens more doors than it closes.

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  1. [At the end of the season there] will be a circumstance in which she will finally do that; she’ll discover things about herself that she didn’t really know before.

    She's a lesbian!!!


  3. who cares if deb turns out to be a lesbian or not!the relationship with her brother is the one that matters.i don't think the writers are gonna use the lesbian thing 'cause it's a bit stupid.unless they are in such a not inspirational period,what can i say.

  4. Yeah, I think Deb is a lesbian. I've always thought that. interestingly enough. The scene in her office with her therapist, and her keeping the business card had some homo-curious subtext tro it that I picked up on. I'm glad that I am not alone in my opinion.

  5. I agree with Rob but I think this seasons final episodes are going to set it apart from the other seasons. Definitely not the same old song and dance.

  6. Find a new show then shallow dillholes. You guys are dillusional if the show is going in 'circles' . Dexter is conquering his dark passengers demons one at a time in order to appreciate the light / positive forces that inspire his humane facade. Damn haters ..... keep it up, Dexter should come humble The two you, m99 some respect and perspective into your hard and shallow heads! Lol

  7. You tell them Mollie. I liked that (m99 some respect and perspective). The show has already broke the mold, bringing back Biney. If it continued this "same song and dance", I would watch 20 more seasons. Either way it will still be the best thing ever put on tv.

  8. I think Deb is either gonna start dating the psychiatrist or the new guy she hired, but I don't think that's what she's going to "discover about herself." I really think she's just gonna realize she can be lieutenant and become a lot more strict on her former friends. She might even end up suspending a few people, Masuka for losing evidence or Quinn and Batista for smoking weed. The ice truck killers hand is gonna come back to haunt them, it's gonna finally show it's purpose in the episode, "talk to the hand", the title is an obvious reference.

  9. I don't think (or at least hope) Deb will be dating anybody this season. It was apparent with her conversation with Quinn that she shouldn't be in a relationship at all.

    And please stop with the "Deb is a lesbian" theories. This is "Dexter", not "Nip/Tuck" or "True Blood." I have a feeling she's going to recount being strapped to the ITK's table and hearing the ITK and Dexter's conversation as she woke up.

  10. ^^^^^
    Genius comment

  11. The realization will be Deb finally finding out about Dex in the season finale. It'll present itself to her as she continues with the Doomsday investigation. By next weeks episode, she'll be paying Travis' sister a visit. Once she finds out about him, and their relationship it'll sound all too familiar to Deb, the way Travis shuts her out, always having someplace to be, never knows where he is etc. The parallels of Dexter's and Travis' character depiction as they developed throughout the season hints at that possibility. Speaking of which, why has it been suggested that Prof. Gellar's dead, that he's a figment of Travis' conscious like Harry is to Dex? Who says it necessarily has to turn out that way? Harry was alive when he trained and taught Dex the code. The similarities don't have to be that dead on.

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