Aimee Garcia: "Dexter Fans Will Have Their World Rocked"

New Aimee Garcia interview via Now that we're past the halfway mark of the season, and pieces of Professor Gellar's religious endgame are slowly falling into place, I caught up with the fabulous Aimee Garcia -- who plays Dexter's nanny and Angel's sister, Jamie -- to find out what's in store for the show and her character. Turns out, there's about to be some seismic shifts across the board that will leave fans gasping for breath! Jamie has been a very interesting addition to the show, and Dexter's world. What do you think about the way she's become integrated into the show?
Aimee Garcia: I love that Jamie is smart, sassy, fun and cool -- but more than that, I think Harrison has become Dexter's reason for living. He's a father and takes that role very seriously. And Jamie has essentially become Harrison's mother – she bathes him, feeds him, puts him to sleep, spends lots of time with him, so, because of that, Jamie has become important in Dexter's inner-circle. But as we all know, anyone that gets super close to Dexter is always in danger. Read more after the jump (spoilers)...

Insider: Especially with all of Geller's victims being women lately...
Aimee: And brunette women too [laughs].

Insider: So my fear of her ending up in one of his tableau's isn't unfounded?
Aimee: Well, in true Dexter fashion, nothing is ever what it seems – just when you know, or think you know, who is in danger and who is putting that person in danger, you're thrown a curveball. I can say that Jamie is in danger, but you'll be surprised by who this Sunday. Just when you think things couldn’t get even creepier, it gets quite disturbing and things take a twisted turn for Jamie this week.

Insider: Does that involve her tumultuous relationship with Louis?
Aimee: Maybe. We do take that romance to another level this week. I'll just say that I lost my sex scene virginity to Dexter [laughs]. But if I had to lose it to any show, I'm glad it was Dexter. It's not gratuitous and I'm not taking off my clothes for a cheesy horror movie, I'm taking off my clothes for a critically acclaimed, Emmy nominated show. I'm glad I did it on a classy show, where you're lit very well [laughs]. I'll probably watch with one eye open though.

Insider: Which is how I feel I'll be watching the whole show from this point forward. What would you tell fans to expect from the final few episodes?
Aimee: I'm excited for fans to have their world turned upside down. The writers make some very bold choices and something huge is revealed in episode 12, that no fan has brought up happening, which is interesting. Everyone's focused on the villains and no one has thought that this could happen. I'm excited for the fans to think they know what's going on, but are so focused on one thing, there's something bigger behind them they didn't even see coming. I know that's vague but I feel like I owe it to the writers to maintain the secrecy,. There are a couple of curveballs coming that fans will either love or hate, but it's a huge, huge, bold step by the writers. Then again, I don't think you would expect anything less from a show like this. When you're on a show with a serial killer, heads can roll at any time.

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  1. I know the boat sinks.... but seriously, keep Jamie! Don't blow this one! PLEASE WRITERS!!!!! So excited to see this season redeem the skeptics though. I am upset with Entertainment Weekly for ditching Dexter for Hyping up HomeLand!!!! It's good, but I think Dexter got dooped this year.

  2. Aimee Garcia is doing a great job.

    Please don't let her die.

  3. I hear ya Mollie, but I honestly could give a swollen rats *ss about the skeptics and haters. At first it bothered me and I just wanted them to love the show, but now its just irritating and lame and I just wish they would piss off and go watch glee or some other mediocre crap and lave Dexter alone. So many people complain and piss and moan about this or that with Dexter and I think most of them just do it just to be doing it, they complain about the stupidest stuff too, and they all seem to think that since they don't like whatever about this season, then that is the way most Dexter fans feel and thats just arrogant and WRONG!!! Because the ratings have consistently been very very high and I think this has been the best season thus far and its mainly from Scott Buck being put in the driver's seat, and I just know, with him as Executive Producer, we are going to have a very exciting rest of season 6 and season 7 and 8 are going to be even better. My point with the haters, whiners and skeptics, PISS OFF ALL OF YOU, all you do is complain, and the go right back to watching the show and then complain some more, and then guess what? Right back sunday watching the show just to turn around Monday and complain and whine some more, JUST SHUT UP already and go watch something else if all you have to say is negative crap. We won't miss you at all, trust me. Us REAl Dexperts, like me and Mollie Scott up there and the show will be just fine without you.n Hail Darkly Dreaming Dearly Devoted Deeply Disturbed Demented Daddy Dexter.

  4. she has such an outrageous ass..
    pls dont let her goooo

  5. JessieJames & MollieScott will be Dexteriously Devoted to Disturbed Demented Daddy Dexter! YAY! Jessie. Nice to hear some positive feedback for a change!

  6. Wow Jessie James, i consider myselfan absolute MASSIVE fan of Dexter, but you're even creeping me out

  7. Agree with Jesse James this season rocks!

  8. I think Deb will be killed off

  9. wow again with the positivity Rob. Any entertainment weekly readers? Cause I'm sounding off here. AS A DEXPERT!!! I really don't think they have a right to diss the writing this season since they OBVIOUSLY don't understand what Brian Actually represents. They say it was a reach for the writers to bring back a familiar face.... But it was a representation of what the Depths of Dexter's darkness that he has to conquer in order for his "light" to make better decisions. Brian was and remains dexter's dark conscience. Harry is the "father" that Dexter will always serve, but the purpose for enforcing his "code" (morals) will be his "light"- Harrison. Get it? If not, Don't diss it. Start from season one and Dexify, or shut your ever critisizing trap:) Watched seasons 1-4 this past weekend and I will concur that writing has gone down hill abit compared to those seasons, but the show's powerful integrity still exists. Dark Vs. Light, and how dexter will defeat his demons to define his own religious factor is what this season will explain.

  10. Season 2 is still my favorite season.

  11. Thank you Mollie and Jessie. Rob V is beyond annoying. Every time he posts, I scream at my computer. SHUT UP ROB and GO AWAY! I totally agree with you Jessie. "Fans" like Rob V make me beyond frustrated!

    ...Homeland is a great new show. Although, like Prison Break, after this season, the point of the show will be over. It will go downhill quickly! Dexter however has been strong for 6 seasons now!

  12. Im pretty sure gellar is real, Holly the first whore said there were two men. That's all :)

  13. Who said Deb is going to die? Are you kidding me? This is not Rita here, she was a supporting character. Deb however, is a lead character. Dexter without Deb is like Kirk without Spock, is like Holmes without Watson.

    She's iconic! She's Dexter's rock, his light. No offense to the little kid - but you can't have a 4 year old as a lead actor on a television show. Kinda limits action scenes and dialogue ya know!

    There is no Dexter without Deb, she's half the formula of the show, the first person we were introduced to in Dexter's world. "The one person who loves me" as Dexter put it.

    You'd have to replace her with ANOTHER lead actress of her level, and to do that you would have to shell out big huge bucks after breaking the bank on Michael C. Hall. And then you would have the logistical nightmare of trying to force a new main girl into Dexter's life for the next few seasons life played by an actress who would have to be established and take us out of the show.

    I saw that attempted one time before,when David Duchovny left X files and was replace by Robert Patrick? It was like a big giant gob of exploding poo. God I think the ratings tumbled by 75% !!!! Why not just fall on your sword.

    So many people would just go "poof". I know I am just one of many people who watch this show just as much for Jen Carpenter as we do for Michael. She is the best actress on television right now. It's a freaking crime she hasn't been nominated for an Emmy.

    Not only that she is in a big time movie coming out, so her drawing power for the show is only going to go up. I'd say her over/under for holding an Oscar one day is pretty decent. She's got that kind of range.

    So unless the studio decided that they should make Michael C. Hall earn his 22 million dollars by going to go solo as the only lead character, and therefore take on shooting twice the amount of scenes and start working 24 hour days, then it's safe to assume that Deb will be here till the end.

  14. Rob V

    No one wants to see a show about a real demented bad guy. The appeal here from the beginning is that Dexter is a good person who is filled with darkness. He is not a bad person who occasionally has fits of good deeds.

    Harry laid this down in the pilot episode: "You are a GOOD KID, Dexter, otherwise it would have been a lot worse than animals."

    Dexter is ashamed of his urges, ashamed of what he is.

    Even in the books, which are much darker, and where Dexter is actually supernaturally possessed by an evil demon, and he takes his time to torture people by cutting them up in little pieces for hours and hours, he is always becoming more human, and more reluctant to do what he has always done.

    That's the storyline, that's the character.

    His ongoing curse, is that as he becomes more human, he becomes more vulnerable. This is a tragedy, not a thrill kill descent into madness.

    If you want to just get vicarious thrills through a happy slasher, then you chose the wrong show. From the very beginning Dexter has been about the struggle.

  15. If they killed off Deb I honestly don't think I could watch the show any more. As it is, I only watch the scenes with Deb or Dexter in them, so it would leave not a lot of the show left for me to watch if she were not there.

    The show's writers have a hard enough time giving the characters who aren't Dexter something to do as it is, without getting rd of the one interesting one.

    Sure it would be shocking, but that shock would not be worth the effect it would have on the show in seasons 7 and 8.

  16. To clairebear (I agree. I could not watch this show without Deb)

    To Rob V.

    I have re-watched the first season, three times in the past month alone...

    Again, you offer no scenes, or quotes from the pilot to back up your opinion. You are reaching based only on your own paradigm.

    In the books Dexter is not a "good person", he is a bad guy. He has none of the conflicts or good impulses of the Dexter of the television show. In fact, the Debra in the books isn't very moral either. They are both very selfish people. As he starts taking that journey from bad to trying to be "a better person" for the sake of his family (especially his daughter), he starts taking on some bad human traits as well, like self pity. The trick to the book is that it handles it all with tons and tons of humor, and the humor keeps you from hating the characters. Also, as each book passes, Dexter gets more and more of a conscious, and actually pledges at times, to never kill again.

    This has never been the show. That mantra is always that he was a good person who got destroyed and filled with darkness. Again and again this meme is pounded into the audience.

    In Season 2 To Lila about Jimenez: "I am not the person I am supposed to be."

    To Jimenez: 1 - "You made me into what I am!" 2 - "you stole my life!"

    The entire point of the show is that Dexter is a good kid/person who was "shattered" and "filled with darkness".

    His father saw something in him that was still good, whereas Brian he saw as damned.

    So he gives Dexter the code, believing that Dexter will abide by it because of his nature.

    Dexter tries over and over to do good things. He is shut down and dominated by darkness, but the real him shows through more often than he would like to believe. He stresses about the code, about breaking the code, he feels guilt, remorse, self-loathing, love, rage, sorrow, compassion.

    He has "good" impulses all the time. In the third episode he actually tries to play good guy and gets his wallet stolen, then chastises himself for trying to do a "good deed".

    So the struggle has always been there. Saying that he never feels shame, is just not true. This is why Brian told him "You don't have to apologize to me for who you are Dexter." This is evil telling him, to not be ashamed.

    This was the point of Brian coming back in "Nebraska" Brian represents the darkness. Evil. The total descent into madness. The kind of person who would hack up little children and not care.

    Dexter states clearly in the pilot "Children, I could NEVER harm children."

    That alone tells us that he has morale principals, even outside of the code. He tells us that he could "never" do that. These are not the words of an evil person, it is not the way evil people think. It's the premise they are giving us that this is a "damaged" character, a "tragically flawed" character, but not an "evil" character.

    You cannot just listen to Dexter's monologue, you have to realize that he, like all other human beings, is not fully "self aware". His opinions of others, and himself, are flawed. His presumptions about himself are wrong all the time. He has self-revelations ALL THE TIME where he realizes how wrong he is. "I would rather get caught, I would rather they all know, than risk losing my family" This is a revelation, something that goes against all he has been saying.

    You are watching this show through a very simplistic filter, you are missing all the paradoxes, nuances, ironies, and tragedies of the show and that's a shame.

    In the future, try dialoguing and trying to see another viewpoint before you start ranting at and insulting people. It's hostile, and a complete waste of time.



  17. I am gonna miss dexter when its over....

  18. Rob V
    If you hate the show so much then just stop watching it. JUST STOP WATCHING THE SHOW MAN!!!. Go back to the books. Everyone knows that the books are nothing compared to the show. If you don't like the show, then why do you visit this site so many times, why do you watch the show if it is so bad as you say it is. This season has one best characters and actors who portray them as well. Mos Def, Colin Hanks and mainly Edward James Olmos bring a lot of talent to this show this season.
    Even if season 8 is the last season, two reasons might make the finale awesome:
    1)Dexter realises that all it would take was a little bit of effort and is finally freed of his dark passenger and has Harry come to him and say " You've made me proud, son. All your life, you've faked all your emotions but now, you actually feel them.Go life a happy life. Good luck" and harry disappears. maybe his son could help him remove his darkness.
    2) He could maybe give himself up to the police but then have a change of mind at the last moment and break out of prison and travel to another city. This ending would also make a good prologue to a potential Dexter movie.

  19. I feel LaGuerta is involved in it, somehow.

  20. To Rob V also, You are absolutely right. you're the only person on this god damn board with some actual sense. JessieJames, Mollie and all the other little fan girls can't take hearing others opinions let alone anyone criticizing the show.
    Anyone who voices their opinion apparently doesn't like the show, which is why i've stopped posting here, it's just a bunch of little whiny fan girls.

    having said that. I AM A FAN OF THIS SHOW, I criticize the the writing(as a fan of ANY show, movie, and book will do.) and will continue to do so until they redeem themselves and bring back the old style of Dexter.

    This season has worse writing than last season, the filming is all over the place, it's like a different show, which makes the acting completely off at times. Deb and LaGuerta in the bathroom last episode was just...unbearable.
    Scott Buck....Should not be the showrunner.
    the new writers an directers brought in from other shows show little to no insight to previous seasons, which makes it just another soap-opera.
    Every season has a a slow start getting into the actual story. but as hard i try..i cannot rewatch these episodes from start to finish like i can the last 5 seasons. i rewatch them...a lot..BEcause this actually IS my favorite tv show. and it makes me very confused as to how they managed to mangle this season more than last.

    If you can actually sit there and argue that this seasons writing and filming is in anyway comparable to the previous're just a liar and a fool.

    bringing brian back for 1 episode was a complete waste. Scott buck said they were wating for the right time to bring him back...Christian Camargo was supposed to direct a film, and cancelled it to do this. which...he shouldn't have. (as happy as i was to see him back, and i was happy.)
    it was a waste. the right moment was last season after rita died.

    As good as the ending of this season might's gonna be a bitch to rewatch these episodes just to get to the end.

    Hats off the the real Dexter fans tho can actually put up with the terrible writing choices and whiny fairy winkle MCH fangirls.

    Here's hoping for a better 7th season.

  21. Rob V:

    I don't disagree with all that you said. By no means do I think season 6 is great, in fact the last two seasons have been less than stellar. I never liked Quinn, waste of a space, and so on.

    I think the chief problem with the show is that they killed off Rita, a "good" character, wrote Cody and Astor right out of the show, and replaced them with... nothing. It's like they didn't even exist. They are just "conveniently gone" from Dexter's life after four years of him making them his family and connecting to them.

    I also dislike they way they are stretching things out with Deb. I want to see her know, and be involved with who Dexter is. Part of the problem they are having is, that again, they killed off Rita so they don't have that person who can go on "not knowing" who Dexter is for the comic effect.

    All that being said, and admitting that I am less than happy with the last two seasons. I don't think this season is "terrible" but then again I watch the show not chiefly for the kills, but for the interactions between Deb and Dexter. I think Jennifer Carpenter is about six levels of awesome, and I am always wanting to hear what level of cursing she is going to come up with next.

    I really cannot wait to hear that potty mouth responding to the crazy stuff that Dexter does once she knows. Hopefully the writers don't cash out of it in favor of the "soap opera" they are creating between Dexter and Deb.

    As far as my quotes. They illustrate my point quite emphatically. They are from key moments of the show, not some little musings on the side. I take the narrative in as a whole. I don't just pick and choose.

    When you get frustated and go on rants using terms like "emo fag". It sounds kinda like a twelve year old who needs a time out.

    Just saying.


  22. Okay.. come down and repeat: "Dexter is just a show." Reapeat maybe 10 or 15 times.

    Then go on with: "Well, a very creepy cool show, but still a show." Maybe 15 or 20 times.

    Then start to repeat "I will not flame someone because of a fictional show." Repeat maybe 20 or 30 times

  23. The huge thing none of us expected ? Well, I guess the whole Police Station is about to know Dexter's secret in episode 12. LOL.

  24. What about that random guy Dex kills in the hotel at Nebraska? If the body is found and Deb notice it, Dex is in trouble.

  25. The body of the hotel guy should be found, Deb should notice it and have some flashes or dreams, remembering all the awkward situations where Dexter magically shows up in the crime scene! Bingo!

  26. I love Dexter and am enjoying this season. Love reading positive commnets on the show. I have been hooked from episode 1 and will continue to watch until the end....

  27. I do have criticisms of this season, but I am never going to freak out about it. In the end you have to see how it plays out. Even seasons three and five had spectacular moments and ended well.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.


  28. "When you're on a show with a serial killer, heads can roll at any time". Oh shit...what's going to happen?

  29. Anyone out there have any thoughts on Geller. A bunch of us think he has already died and has returned in some other form. Maybe his ideologies exist in his students. As far as I know nobody other than his student has actually seen him. Any thoughts?

  30. Based on the show tonight, I think they're trying to foreshadow Deb finding out about Dexter. In therapy, she mentions how she's broken and surrounds herself with inappropriate or damaged men. I'm almost certain she's going to find out. Gellar being dead was a really awesome twist tonight. As for Quinn, he's probably going to leave the show after this season... he's going downhill. Also, the spoilers mention how Jamie's in danger. I think Louis is the one who's putting her in danger (after finding out the ice truck killer's prosthetic arm is in his apartment).. you find out he's twisted in some way.

  31. don't tell me Louis is ITK's son.

    actually the more i think about it the more it might make sense. He admires Dexter, and i think he knows he's his uncle...that's why he admires him more...

    and if he is the ITK's son and also a killer then it kinda echos with the "like father like son" thing Dexter's trying to avoid and he reflects how badly Dexter doesn't want Harrison to grow up becoming a serial killer.

    also, apart from being delusional, i think Travis also suffers from multiple personality disorder. anybody agree?

  32. louis is ITK's son.......... im just sayin

  33. Rob V. You're a waste of space. GO AWAY!

  34. The two actors ITK and Louis are only eight years apart in age and look it. I don't think the age difference is enough to justify a father and son twist.

    More likely Louis is a serial killer fascinated with other serial killers and maybe knows Dexter's secret.

  35. Or Louis is a serial killer obsessed with other serial killers using the video game project as a pretense to learn about investigative methods in order to get better at his craft.

  36. And the show ends with Louis beating Dexter to Travis and killing him instead of Dexter.

    I also have a theory. Deb gets set-up so there's a reason to fire her to protect Matthews and Mike says they still haven't replaced him in Chicago and pulls strings to get her a job up there and she leaves Miami to start a new life. Either after she finds out about Dexter or not. Then in the next two seasons she starts to find out about Dexter or wrestles with what to do about it.

  37. The twist that Aimee Garcia is talking about in her interview....I think the big thing that no one sees coming is that Deb is going to find out about Dexter....maybe he has to protect her from crazy La Guerta.

  38. I don't think Deb will find out about Dexter because Aimee said that it was a twist that no fan has really mentioned in blogs to her knowledge. (And I can guarantee that Deb finding out about Dexter is talked about each and every season)

  39. Rob V.

    wow. Are you retarded. "Dexter Movie" lmao.

    The Dexter Series is a series. Rita had to be killed off. It was inevitable. Was she a good character, maybe, but the point of Dexter is the progression of his dark passenger and his "emotions." Re-watch the seasons home skillet Season 6 is back on track.

  40. To: Rob V
    What a horrible rant. Please stop ruining this blog page by responding.
    p.s. Get a life. The show is great, but even if you are poor -- 15 times is pathetic.
    p.p.s No one actually LIKES to be proven wrong about anything. No one.

    From: The guy two comments above your last comment.

  41. Rob, shutup . You don't know anything you loser. Auto correct "series" and convert it to movies? Come on dude. It would rather correct "Miguel" and "role". Learn how to spell and then comment.

  42. Besides, you aren't forming any opinions about the show... you are just complaining about the people on here. Please start forming actual posts so that we can stop complaining about people and start talking about Dexter again.
    Please and Thank You.

  43. Rob V. When I see you make comments like:

    "which by the way im fucking thrilled that Bitch died"

    It makes me glad I did not sign up with an actual name and link this to my Facebook.
    Nobody comes here to be a target of rage, we just want to talk about the show for "fun", not have a war declared on us by a guy who says heinous things that make us wonder if you aren't the next Andrew Conley.

  44. Best Seasons In Order

    4 - Best Season, Best Suspense, Very Emotional
    2 - Edge of your seat stuff, Dexter nearly getting caught!
    1 - Starts of the legacy of Dexter Morgan and has large plot twists!
    6 - Pretty good, better than 3 and 5, and good death scenes by DDK
    3 - Alright, good from EP 7 to EP12, The rest a bit boring still great though!
    5 - Bad Antagonists, Lazy Writing, No Originality and easy to figure out.

    Best Villans In Order

    Trinity - Arthur Mitchell
    The Ice Truck Killer - Brian Moser
    The Bay Harbour Butcher - Dexter Morgan
    The Skinner - George Washington King
    Jordan Chase - Head of Barrel Girls

  45. I thought season 6 would end big. Something huge . Below my expectations. My suggestions more seasons more expectations and infact it goes on increasing. Solutions: Find an rocking end ;)

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