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As we said yesterday, according to TVDoneWright.com in the final scene of Episode 6, Season 6, we have a shocking return. This return is a familiar face from the past. The return is also significant because it could change the whole dynamic of Dexter. Not just Dexter Morgan, but DEXTER the series.

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  1. The person returning will be the FBI Agent that was close with Quinn.

  2. It's Brian Moser, as a ghost

  3. I also believe Dexter will start seeing his Brian.

    My crazy theory: Deb as the new Lt. catches a clue to find dexter and in order to not get caught, dexter may need to kill her, something Brian wanted him to do in S1. SO Harry and Brian battle in his head, and to keep the religous theme of the season, its like his angel and devil on his shoulders...

    Just a crazy theory

  4. I think its Ramon Prado simply because the recap at the beginning of the season included some Miguel stuff, usually when they do stuff like that, its a harbinger of things to come.

  5. Here's a wild theory that may be crazy, but it would fit the whole "shocking return" and it would alter both Dexter and the series itself.

    What if Harry is really alive?

    Being a savvy cop with a good street mind, he's probably smart enough to fake his own death and the stress of the job had apparently gotten to him. What if the stress of the job and the guilty along with the job (not solving the cases, the mistresses and so on) got to him and he decided to cut ties?

    It's a little far-fetched, sure.

    But as cool as it would be for the Kyle Butler story to be wrapped up, I'm not sure if Jonah, Lumen or Ramon fit the shocking description enough. Jonah was in Season 5, so that's reasonably fresh in our heads. Lumen is always talked about. Perhaps Ramon might fit the description the closest, but who knows.

    We've never seen Harry's death on-screen, either. I don't think it would be a cop-out either.

  6. Hey guys and gals,

    I've never posted here before so please bare with me. After reading all the comments and the origianl "spoiler filled post" I would have to agree with the majority of you...that Jonah Miller will be the returning cast member.

    When going through each season, thinking about who's still alive that will/can pose a threat to Dexter's lunar-based activities and whose story is left open to drop a potential bomb on Dexter's entire existence...its gotta be Jonah!...right?

    I'd like to say I have an idea on how the story will pan out, and even though I have no idea how the original poster had access to future episodes, I'm assuming there are a limited number of scenarios.

    1) Because of the new lab-tech taking the prosthetic hand once belonging to The Ice Truck Killer it forces Miami Metro to go over old high profile cases to make sure no other evidence had been stolen and that would open the door to bringing Jonah back into the fold. It's possible that because there's no more direct, emotional connection between Quinn and Deb he may pick up where he left off on the Kyle Butler investigation; possibly get back in touch with the FBI agent hiding Jonah, lie or tell the Feds there's a new potential "lead" but in order to verify it he needs to interview Jonah.

    2) Even though in reality with someone in witness protection there's no way the FBI would keep a large profile target, like Jonah, within the same state, let alone city, where the only suspect who could kill him may still be residing. However, if the FBI was called in by Deb to help work the Snakes/Alpha-Omega murders because she wants to close a large profile case and get a certain recognition as the new Lt., or the FBI comes in by force because of the high number of serial killers and mass murderers whove inhabited the Miami area within the last six years and Quinn reconnects with one of the agents who used to be garding Jonah, now on the new task force to help catch the Alpha-Omega killers. Through that reconnection Quinn tracks down Jonah and finally gets him to answer who Kyle Butler really is.

    3) No offense to all who posted but I highly doubt Jonah's story will end with him taking up the "family business". That makes zero sense. Even though I know in reality there is a possibility that Jonah could end up turning to a life of crime or even acting out violently because of his father's abuse, I highly doubt that is how the writers will wrap up his story. But I may be way off with my guesses as well. So lastly, and I think this scenario has little to no chance of happening, but Jonah could just show up! If he was no longer under federal protection and he wanted to either get back in touch with Kyle, get back in touch with Quinn because he finally wanted to identify Kyle Butler and help himself move on, and/or the last possibility but then sees Dexter in Miami Metro and says "Hey Kyle. What are you doing here?" Quinn looks up at Jonah, then Dexter and starts putting the pieces together, while Jonah has just pulled the vail back on Dexter in the police station just like Trinity did.

    ...just my thoughts.

  7. Someone posted last night that it's possibly Ramon Prado will come back because of the summary of seasons leading up to the this one shown at the beginning of episode one. They showed all seasons in that summary; scenes from seasons 1-5. By your rationale we can assume the person coming back will be Brian Moser because the largest piece of evidence so far, with regards to a link to seasons' past, was when Masuka pulled out the prosthetic hand that used to belong to the Ice Truck Killer. I'm not trying to be argumentitive but it's the same reasoning, ya know what I mean?

    But I have seen other people post that they think Brian will be back to be the physical embodyment of Dexter's Dark Passenger. Do I believe that will happen?...no. Is it possible?...yes. Same with Ramon Prado.

    To be honest and on a somewhat related note...the "spoiler" given originally wasn't a spoiler. Even with the poll above on this very page it's still not a spoiler; it's speculation at best. At least on our behalf. It doesn't do anything bad to release the spoiler to the fans on this website. Sooner or later someone else will scoop it and you'll have missed the opportunity to be the first to dish.

    ...just a thought.

  8. i agree with the above poster. i think it's ramon prado simply b/c of the season opening recap...as soon as i saw that i thought maybe prado is going to resurface. they didn't show doakes at all in the recap. only m prado and trinity.

  9. It's deffenatly not astor or cody because they would'nt make a fuss about that and it wouldn't be Rita's mum because they simple have no reason to bring her back after Rita's death and all i doubt it would be lumen because of the same reason if it was gonna be Jonna or Sally I'd say they'd choose Jonna because we know him more then Sally. As for Anton i have no idea why'd they'd bring him back. I think Ramon Prado is very possible not only because they showed miguel in the previously but theres so much they can do with his character like he'd come back to Dexter seaking the truth of what happened to his brothers that story was never really closed anyway. So in my opinion it's between Roman and Jonna either one would be awesome and I'm so exited to find out :D

  10. Wow. DO some of you hear yourselves with these asinine theories? Im really not trying to be rude, but come on. How can you say that its Ramon just because it showed Miguel in the recap? That's just stupid. Sorry but it is. And really? Maybe Harry's not dead and it's him that is the one returning? LAME!!! First off, you have to be gone for awhile to return, and Harry has be at Dex's side for a long time now, plus THE MAN IS DEAD!!!!! Also BRIAN IS DEAD. How could a freaking ghost change the dynamic of not only Dexter himself but also the entire series. That's just lame. My thoughts, are that its Jonah. But in order for it to be a game changer, he would have to be some sort of creepy ass heir to the trinity throne. Now THAT would be awesome. Other than that, its going to be Lumen. And either she will end up on Dex's table because her conscience is eating at her and wants to turn herself (and Dexter) in for what they did to the barrel girl rapists. or she's come back to because her dark passenger has resurfaced and wants to be with Dexter. Now those theories, are actually within the freaking realm of possibility. And believe me, if I am way off base, Ill be the first one to kick myself in my own ass. Ramon Prado though???? I mean come on, do you people really think that his lame ass would change the whole dynamic of the show??? really? if you do, then we must be watching completely different shows. Sorry for being a prick, but jeez.

  11. JessieJames, you know about as much as I do as to who it is going to be, which is zilch. Ramon Prado because of them showing Miguel in the opening sequence isn't stupid. How many times have we seen characters reappear right after or soon after the previously on Dexter pieces that the character is in? While I agree that Jonah Mitchell is the obvious choice to change the show, who is to say Ramon hasn't been doing his own undercover investigating of Dexter and has found him out? Lumen is just as ridiculous as a theory as Ramon if I'm looking at it through your eyes. How would she change the DNA of the show?

  12. I think it's Jonah. That lady from true blood is a college professor, Jonah is college aged...he could be a student of her's. Dexter probably looks more into the killers, finds out who they are, tracks them and bumps into Jonah in the process.

  13. at comic con it was revealed loose ends would be tied up including butler...and jonah wouldn't be as much of a shock as prado is a loose end too. i think we might see both this season.

    oh and @ jesse james. you're an idiot. did they show doakes in the preview? i have seen many timse where. a perfect example of this is in season 3 when the records keeper at the pd is highlighted in the season opener. turns out she shows back up and is dying of cancer. she is 1 of three people in that season Dexter kills against his usual code and m.o. patterns and parallels are in every season. Also Lundy is shown in the preview in the season he returns.....need i say more?

  14. oh and Ramon was a Lt. Sheriff and I can see him not only rubbing elbows w/ Dexter but i see him as a potential threat to debra as she is the new boss. or maybe he goes to her to reopen miguel and oscar prado;s murder investigation since lagueta closed it.

  15. Season Three (Miguel Prado) was not even mentioned until around episode 8 of Season Five. Not shown in previews, or previously ons, or series recaps at the beginning of seasons. They wanted that season forgotten. Now, here's Miguel again. Suddenly they're talking about him, showing him again. I don't think the Ramon Prado theory is crazy off-base.

    That said, I don't think it's him-- my money's on Jonah Miller. I like the idea posted earlier of Jonah innocently showing up at the station and outing "Kyle." That could change the series much more than Ramon, or even Lumen. If Lumen wants to kill again, they kill, like last season. If she doesn't want to kill but still loves Dex and wants to be with him, they go with that and it's Rita 2.0 (now with more honesty!). If she wants to turn them in then he kills her. Sad? Sure. Series-altering? Nope.

    I think Jonah Miller is the only person left with that ability.

  16. I think about Dexter's real father. I've never been convinced that Joe Driscoll could be his real father.

    My bet is on [?], Dexter's biological father.

  17. SeanEllis, his name is ARthur MITCHELL!
    And anonymous above, Dexter's biological father is dead!

  18. Yeah Dex did a blood test in season one when they were all crashing at the house cleaning it up. He snuck out took blood and sent them to masuka for a paternal match and it came back positive. I'm thinking it'z Jonah.. Makez most sence seeing as how we haven't heard what'z been going on with the trinity case and the FBI, so it'z a good chance it'll come up again. Maybe jonah seez dex on Tv with deb, and after all the questioning of Kyle Butler the FBI is doing i'm sure he'd jump on the chance to point him out on tv. But who Knowz... It'z a great season so far and it sound like itz going to only get better, so hopefully when this happens it really is as intense as they are making it out to be and not something stupid that just kinda sux. It'll be interesting to come back and find out who got it right though, if ne body!

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