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Latest From TVGuide's Mega Buzz. Click the link below to read a major Dexter Season 6 spoiler about the next 2 episodes!

Is it just me or is Dexter moving kind of slow this season? — Courtney
I don't think it's just you, but things start cooking in a big way over the next two episodes. You know how the show usually kills off the guest stars at the end of the season? Well, one of this season's new characters will meet his or her maker much sooner than that.

Any guesses?

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  1. aren't they both listed to be recurring until at least EP10? it says Geller is the first to go casting wise on IMDB.
    unless that's false or they're talking about the other 3.

  2. I am going with gellar. Although someone mentioned most isn't listed after Nebraska..... my guess is gellar.

  3. i'm on the side thinking Gellar is already dead and is Colin Hanks "Dark Passenger". i was skeptical of this until the restaurant scene and the fact he's been missing for a few years. but then that doesn't explain the 2 "fingerprints" for different killers, unless Hanks has multiple personalties.

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