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Latest from TV Guide's Mega Buzz. Click the link below to read new Dexter Season 6 scoop by Executive Producer Sara Colleton...

I'm not sure how I feel about Dexter's religious dogma this season. Is there anything cool coming up? — Jack
NATALIE: If you thought the seven snakes were gross, just wait until this week's episode. "If you know your Bible, a lot of stuff is very visceral," executive producer Sara Colleton teases. "Some of [what's coming] is imagery from the Bible, and some are man-made horrors, but it's Dexter's exploration of spirituality." Maybe we have a sick mind, but we ponder if Abraham sacrificing his son will come into play. Fair question, no? "You have a really vivid imagination," Colleton laughs, "and that's all I will say on that."

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