Latest From EW - 6.05 "The Angel of Death" Scoop

Latest from Entertainment Weekly. Scoop about this Sunday's episdoe of Dexter, 6.05 "The Angel of Death". Read after the jump below...

Who’s getting the ax on this week’s Dexter? Inquiring minds are dying to know. — Ariel 
I can tell you it’s someone who was new to the cast this season — and it’s not under the blade of an ax. Not enough? Let me narrow it down a bit more. For now, I can tell you Harrison’s new babysitter stays out of death’s crosshairs, but too bad she finds herself on the receiving end of Deb’s wrath during a screaming match! Personally, I’d rather tango with death than Deb’s temper.

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  1. Harrison? This would be a real test of faith for Dexter, especially after the last episode. This would turn any potential of faith he has into an angry angel of death! RC Cinti, OH

  2. Guessing it will be Ryan?!!

  3. Jamie Batista and I was really beginning to like her! : (

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