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Read below the Entertainmet Weekly recap of the Season 6 premiere by : "I’ll be honest: The last season of Dexter was not my favorite. I liked the Jordan Chase storyline and Michael C. Hall’s performance was stellar as always. But I was not a fan of Lumen and I felt like the other characters needed more to do. And after we left last season on such an open note — Dexter and the entire gang celebrating Harrison’s 1st birthday — I wasn’t sure what to expect this season. Now that we’ve seen the season 6 premiere, which aired tonight, I have to say that things are looking up. In fact, this episode reminded me of everything I love about this series. Let’s take a closer look.

From the first few minutes, I felt like we had gotten back to the roots of this show. Dexter was amid a tense moment (in this case, we believed that he had just been stabbed) and in danger of being found out. (He was dressed in his Henley, which meant he had gone killin’.) But after the paramedic’s arrived: TWIST! They were his victims. Brilliant.
The minutes that followed set up what looks to be an incredible season…I think. (I’ll address my reservations in a bit.)

We were introduced to Dexter’s new nanny — Angel’s sister, Jaime (Aimee Garcia). In Dexter’s words, “It’s not what you’re thinking.” They’re not romantically involved (and I hope they never are). Not only is she cute as a button, but I like that she’s seemingly too observant for her own good. Over dinner, she mentioned to Angel that Dexter often leaves at night. You’ve gotta know they’re headed somewhere with that… Read more after the jump...

Speaking of Angel, we learned that he and LaGuerta have called it quits — and are totally cool with that. So am I. I didn’t dig the whole Jon and Kate-level bickering they were delivering last season. To your corners, fighters! And for God’s sake, stay there. This leaves Angel open to do a lot this season, including, it seems, take over for LaGuerta, who bagged herself a pretty little promotion. Who cares if she got it through blackmail? Good for her.

That brings us to Quinn and Deb. I was not surprised when we learned at the end of the episode that Quinn was going to propose. The second he mentioned he was at the mall, I figured he wasn’t making a run to Abercrombie for more of his white tank tops and V-neck sweaters. But his plan was foiled by an attempted shooting at the restaurant where he and Deb were eating on the night he intended to pop the question. I’m glad that he’s attempting to take this to the next level because they need a shake-up.

We were also introduced to the characters played by Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. As of yet we don’t know much about them (and I’ll avoid going into any detail for those of you who have religiously avoided supplementary info on the season). What we do know is that Hanks’ character murdered a fruit stand man and put seven snakes into the man’s abdomen before sewing him up in the shape of a Greek letter. Disgusting — and fantastic. (Seriously, you can’t watch this show and not enjoy the sick things they think up.)

But more than anything, I enjoyed the kill of the week, which found Dexter going to his high school reunion in order to kill a former classmate who murdered his wife, another former classmate of Dexter’s. The awkward moments were charming and reminded me a lot of what we saw in season 1 — Dexter out of his element but trying to adapt. (Quote of the night? “I have no idea what ‘Hammer time’ is…or how it differs from regular time.”) I missed these kinds of laughs from this show — even more than I thought I did. Overall, it all left me incredibly hopeful about the season to come — and wondering how, after so many seasons, this show seems to be as incredible as ever.

But that brings me to my point, readers. (You say, “Yes, Sandra, it only took you 600 words.”) Was this a fantastic episode? Or were my expectations low after a lackluster season? Maybe a little bit of both? Or, did you perhaps not enjoy the episode at all?"

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  1. Great review, and I agree with almost everything you said. The Dexter from last season was too depressing. Bring back that lovely morbid sense of humor. "Fast reflexes...I hate jocks."

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