Brea Grant Provides Teaser About Her Role via Twitter

Actress Brea Grant who plays the new tech intern (Ryan) in the Miami Metro lab last night decided to open the doors to questions from her fans on Twitter last night. Click the link below to read her little tease vabout her character on Dexter...

Source: SpoilerTV

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    even Rita was a bad idea.

    and they keep the worst people..


    I guarantee the show would be alot better if they stuck to the books, or atleast..
    Read them...

  2. All the characters that have died were necessary for the advancement of the show.

    And granted, everyone hates LaGuerta- but you're supposed to.

  3. the advancement of the show has turned into a day time soap-opera with blood.
    if they wanted to advance the show they should have not ditched out on going with the book until the very end, kept the ITK and Doakes, killed Laguerta like she should have died.

    Season 2 would still be the same, but with both Brian and Dexter after Doakes while trying not to get caught by Lundy and the would have played out the exact same, Brian could have left at the end of the season to not get caught..

    and then leave out season 5 all together/made this season, season 5 and he could have come back, like he did in the books.

    Also, not even kill off Doakes, put him in a coma, cut out him tongue, have him come back with the speech box mechanical surprise mother-fucker.

    i guess i'll just have to dream these though.

  4. I agree, it was a bad idea to kill ITK, but its done and now he's gone forever... they should move one and come with some new, darker characters... And for the sake of god, end this fucking deb as a lieutenant story, its so ridicolous...

  5. For God's sake. I swear I am so sick and tired of hearing supposed Dexter fans do nothing but piss and moan. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! OR GO WATCH THAT LAME MEDIOCRE SHIT ON NETWORK T.V. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO NOTHING BUT BITCH!!! I swear, all the bitches have something to whine about involving the plot line, what characters lived or died, season 5 was bad, BLAH BLAH BLAH. And yet NONE of you just shut your mouths and quit the show. No, you keep watching and still find something to whine about. First off, if the went by the books, it wouldn't be as good a show as it is. Thats just reality. I love the books, but the show is WAY better. Season five was good, if you are a true Dexter fan, then you had to like season five. Was it the best season? No, of course not. But Dexter at its worst ( and I dont believe we have nor will we ever see that) is ten times better than ANYTHING on T.V. And to all the people complaining about, the writers should have done this or that, blah blah, season five shouldnt have happened, blah blah, I'd like to see you come up with something better, an entire season of something better. No, you couldnt do it, so every one of you need to shut up and let the writers do what they do. So far season six is blowing every other season away. We are witnessing Dexter at its best. One more time, for the cheap seats. IF YOU ARE GOING TO CONSTANTLY BITCH AND WHINE AND MOAN ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING THEN DO US ALL A FAVOR AND SHUT YOUR C*CK HOLSTERS, AND GO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE ALREADY.

  6. What @JessieJames said ^^

  7. jessie is right, lol

  8. Way to go Jessie . Now I am a Jessie fan too.

  9. jessie seems to have missed the point completely.

  10. You are allowed to love a TV show but still critique it you know.....

  11. you know what i'm sick of? people bitching about other fans having issues and opinions with the show. it in no way means they don't like it or think they could do a better job (even though i've read many fan fics that blew whole seasons away)
    the writers HAVE let the show go downhill, production and story wise. but it doesn't mean i'm going to stop watching it, it means i'm going to hope they realize it in time. i know i'm not the only person here who thinks that (obviously from above posters)
    if the show didn't have fans to critiqued it, i'd be more worried.

  12. Jeez... Has anyone noticed how shit JL really is? Every book is a badly-rewritten version of the other one... Every character is wooden and stereo-typical. Doakes essentially became this super villain type character who only pops up to provide a few dark laughs. The show moves beyond that, keeping characters fresh and three-dimensional, changing the cast the way they do is realistic and dynamic.

    Shut up guys! If you want it like the books make it yourself!

  13. I think they should make an anime about Brian.
    Call it "Born Free" or something.

    3 seasons

    Season 1: Life in the mental institution.
    Season 2: Finding Dexter/Crafting his skill.
    Season 3: Based on either the first season or the book. showing him stalking Dexter, and his prostitute kills.

  14. ^^^
    I love this idea! It would be a really interesting idea (Darkly significant and full of dramatic irony because he's already dead so we know his 'search' won't end well) personally I'd want to see him experimenting with other things in his 'search' for something/trying to live the human life for a while before finding Dexter and giving into his dark impulses?

  15. @Buggle

    that gave me the idea of it/i'm sure others have had the same idea. reading that made me watch season 1 completely different. (in a good way)

    some of it's odd, but there's a part where it mentions his time after getting released and experimenting cutting his victims up into pieces and flushing them down the toilet. i thought it would make a great scene of an anime.

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