PHOTO: Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall - First Public Appearance Together After The Divorce

Here is a photo from last night's Emmys. Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall in their first public appearance, after their divorce.

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  1. did it bother ANYone else that Deb and Dex were married in real life? sorry the marriage ended, but its less twisty for me now.

  2. Why would it bother someone? There's a difference between the real life and the world that goes on in front of the camera. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that they were married os n =o more different than a married couple in any other job... It makes no difference to me whether they played brother and sister, mortal enemies best friends or two cray lovers.

  3. Mr/Ms Molly

    If a married couple plays Brother Sister on Television or a Movie it is OK

    But A Brother Sister CANNOT and Should not Play
    Romantic Lovers Or Husband Wife , Isn't it ?

  4. It looks like Dexter Debra ie Michael Jennifer
    are still Good friends ; post Divorce

    It looks like The divorce was amicable and they are both Happy in their own lives

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