Latest From EW - Dexter Season 6 Premiere Scoop

Latest from Entertainment Weekly. Click the link below to read scoop on the season 6 premiere of Dexter! 2 days until the D-Day!

On Dexter, what’s going on with Batista and LaGuerta? Who’s Dexter’s love interest? Will Quinn end up on Dexter’s table? Plz give me some news, I have a feeling that you can tell a little more. Thanks. — Lisa
You’ll find out very early on during the premiere where Batista and LaGuerta stand, and it’s in a seemingly positive place (the proof of this is in something LaGuerta does for Batista in the first episode). As far as love, Dexter has enough on his plate in the first few eps, but that’s not to say he doesn’t see some (highly unexpected) action. And Quinn has a big storyline that you’ll have to get your first taste of this Sunday because there’s no easy way t0 tease it. But after you watch, make sure you run back here and e-mail me your follow-up questions. Mmm-k?

My birthday is Oct. 1. Dexter comes back Oct. 2. That entitles me to some Dexter scoop, right?
Sure does! >> Someone is going to have a brush with Internet fame this year. Hint: It’s not Masuka. (But now that I think of it…I wish it was!)

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