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Latest from Entertainment Weekly. Click the link below to read spoilers about the season 6 premiere episode of the show, 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things"...

Spoiler Alert!

Last season of Dexter ended with the door open for anything to happen. Lumen lost her darkness and left, Dexter had taken down the season’s villain, and there was even a small note of optimism on his part that he could one day live without his own darkness following him.
On Oct. 2, we pick up with Harrison starting pre-school and Dexter very much at peace with his darkness. And, dare I say, enjoying it again.
Without ruining too much (because I honestly felt incredibly psyched by the premiere and want you to experience it for yourself), much of the episode centers around Dexter tracking down a potential victim at his 20th high school reunion. There, we not only get a great picture of who Dexter was as a high school student, but also get a good laugh out how his classmates perceive him now. (He’s… popular!)
We’re also introduced to Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos’ demented characters. I can happily report that the first murder they are responsible for is one of the most disgusting ones I’ve ever seen on the show. Congrats, newbies!

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  1. It's a very good episode. Easily one of the best season starters yet. I don't think it'll be possible to top the opener for season 2, but this comes darn close.

    If the whole season ramps up from here - we're in for a treat and possibly the best season of Dexter yet.

  2. He sure didn't seem popular in high school in the flashbacks from seasons 1 and 2. He seemed like me in high school -- barely noticed. I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal, though. Well, I guess he had to at least be liked, because that girl asked Dexter to the prom, while he was mowing. Dexter looked at her and said, "Why would I want to do that?" LOL

  3. Its an excellent start to the season...Colin Hanks is amazing!

  4. Hanks? Really? Olmos blew him off screen. dont see all the fuss. worked well with EJOlmos but that was mostly down to him making them gel. this will be up to season 1, belive me.

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