Jennifer Carpenter Out For A Jog In The Hollywood Hills

Jennifer Carpenter out for an afternoon jog in the Hollywood Hills, CA (September 16). Click the link below to see more photos...


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  1. she jogs very much, who cares. I HATE this kind of pics. just leave her alone -.-'

  2. these pics look like a stalker was after the woman. I'm not gonna "like" this page..I don't think its good to encourage creepers too much.

  3. to "anonymous" who wrote at 9:25...sure she is, and you have PERSONAL knowledge..freak!!

  4. yeah... the following around of these guys is a little creepy.

    I know you guys have SHIT to report on the whole Dexter thing lately but god damn come on...

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned the first three episodes screeners being shipped out to some lucky folks for reviews or whatever in the blood covered evidence bag packaging?

  5. To Kevin and Anonymous I - yare goddamn right! Hence, I like this site, due to large amount o good reviews and pics of Dexter series, but this is just... too much! Like Anonymous III said - get some GOOD things not creeping stalker-like hobby.. or else.. Dexter gunna get yall.

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