James Remar: "Harry Is More of a Companion to Dexter Now"

James Remar, (Harry Morgan) talks about Season 6 on tvbuzzscene.com:  
How do you think the relationship between Dexter and his father has developed over the course of the show, as we go now into Season 6?
James Remar: Harry is more of a companion to Dexter now. We’re out of the flashback mode, where Harry and Dexter were talking father-and-son and learning the lessons and establishing the Code and that sort of thing. Now Dexter is an adult; he’s a father, and the lessons that he and Harry worked on so hard are beginning to echo in his mind and guide him, because he is psychologically challenged.
Dexter has some demons, and I think that’s part of what people relate to so much – Dexter’s demons and his real need and his energy to carry those impulses out, but also that he does it on strict guidelines. And I think, as sons mature, they become more like their dads, and whereas before they want to rebel against them, now they begin to shape themselves after them, and it’s kind of beautiful.

Do you think this role has the potential to ultimately guide Dexter to that feeling?
JR: Sure. I think that may very well have been part of the intent all along. Because the bottom line is that Harry loves Dexter, and Dexter loves Harry. Read more after the jump...

Dexter’s relationship with his own son, Harrison, is obviously evolving…
JR: Little boys will grow up.

As your character, what kind of advice would you give him for his son on how to incorporate a new generation into all of this?
JR: That’s gonna be very interesting. What do you want to pass on to your son and what don’t you? I believe that most of what is passed on, from fathers to sons, is unconscious, and Harrison is going to pick up on a lot of stuff. That may be fodder for Dexter’s healing, and it may be fuel for Harrison’s rebellion. Who knows? It really could go anywhere.

Finally, there’s a handful of Emmy nominations…
JR: Isn’t that nice? Just a handful. [Laughs]

What do you think your chances are? What ones particularly would you like to win this year?
JR: Well all of them, of course. I want to see Michael win. I think that he deserves it. And if I have to go down my list, naturally I want to see the show win, because that means we all win. And then of course I want to see Julie [Benz] win, and then our sound and our other crew… Any win is a win for Dexter, but the big win, obviously, is the show, and the other big win is Michael.

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  1. Hey JAMES ie Harry; You should ALSO visit your Daughter DEBRA sometimes

    You Remember You have a daughter too ,DEBRA

    You are only helping Dexter ALL the time

  2. Kind of hard when he's dead

  3. Uhhh... you do realize that Harry doesn't actually visit Dexter, right? Their conversations are Dexter's delusions of his mind.

    People often forget that Dexter is more than a little crazy. He just has good intentions, however twisted they are.

  4. Holy shit peter that is the funniest thing I've ever read. I love you.

  5. So true, Deb could really use some Harry in her life, hahaha.

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