Edward James Olmos: "People Will Find That This Is a Very Intense Season"

A recent interview of Edward James Olmos talking about the sixth season of Dexter:

You’re coming into the new season of Dexter as a religious university professor. How do you feel about mixing the concept of religion with the character of a serial killer?
Edward James Olmos: I think you get really very dark and very difficult storylines. And I think that people will find that this is a very intense season. Anytime you mix good and evil, you’re gonna get yourself a really incredibly difficult journey. Read more after the jump...

How do you think the fans might react, especially the religious fans?
EJO: I don’t know if there are religious fans who watch the show. If there are religious fans who watch the show, then they’ll be able to handle it.

Dexter has been crossing the line a little bit, from being the “good” serial killer to killing for his own survival. Is there a point where his conscience might get the better of him, do you think?
EJO: I think you should ask that really quickly to the writers, because they’re about the only ones who know anything. The only way we ever learn anything is at the table-reads. That’s the day before we start filming the episodes.

Do you think Dexter deserves a happy ending?
EJO: No. [Laughs].

Have you been a fan of the show for a long time?
EJO: No, I learned about the show when I got involved with it. I saw every single episode, and it was probably the most intense show that I’ve seen on television. Between that and True Blood, it gets to be pretty intense. Very dark.

With that fresh perspective, what do you think is the key to the success of the show?
EJO: The relationship of the character of Dexter and the audience. They really can relate to him. And I think it has a lot to do with the vigilantism – the fact that he takes out people who need to be taken out. All those issues. And plus, he’s an excellent actor…

Source: TVBuzzscene

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  1. can not wait for the scenes betweem MCH and EJOlmos, this will be a hell of an intense season! yes!

  2. I daresay this season could top season four with the Trinity killer!

  3. Well mister Anonymuos - of course it will! This will be very exciting and harsh season with a lot of changes as we all now know :D 21 more days!

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