Dexter Season 6 - New Set Photo

Click the link below to see a new set photo of Dexter filming in Long Beach CA...

Thanks to @grrraciecat

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  1. Harry - "Dexter, you can't do things like that, in the middle of sunny day!"
    Dexter - "Oh, 'cmon, daaad.. its fun! No one ever notice me, even when i killed this guy in this public toilet, remember?"
    Harry - "Yeah, that was fun.. i mean.. !. Dexter! You can't dispose those like that! Someone gunna see!"
    Dexter - "I'm not! It's for game "find Rita", for Astor and Cody. They will love it!"

  2. Hooray! Still haven't watched season 5, but will fix this mistake right away. :)

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