Dexter - Episode 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things" - Short Synopsis

16 days until the premiere! Click the link below to read a short synopsis about episode 6.01 "Those Kinds of Things"...

Dexter Morgan attends his 20th high school reunion; Dexter considers his son's legacy; Debra becomes an unexpected hero.

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. I like to know more of dexters past, so maybe we'll hear something.

    I already liked it when Harry says: Most kids collected pictures of famous footballplayers, you of serial killers.

    I loved it haha

  2. you can see the 'stab wound' previously referenced for the first scene on his shirt here. I guess he does make a 911 call and reel in the paramedics somehow. Awesome!

  3. Can't wait for Dexter Season 6 to start!! I CAN'T! This Season looks awesome!!
    PD: Vote for Dexter in the STV Character Competition!! He's losing!

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