David Zayas & C.S. Lee Peek Into Dexter Season 6

via buzzinetv.com: Well, Detective Sergeant Batista, It seems there might be some clues that this show could be nearing its end…
David Zayas: Why do you say that? Why do you say the show could be nearing its end? I don’t know; it could be just beginning, you never know.

Then again, every season it seems like it’s teasing us that way: How long do you think it should last?
DZ: [Laughs] I don’t know. Twenty years? I don’t know. I mean, that’s not for me to say. I think that as long as they keep reinventing the show every year in an interesting way, then who knows how long it can go? But I know that every year has been really a lot of fun, and I’ve never come in a year of Dexter saying, “Oh, this again?” No, it’s always exciting, I’m always interested to know what the next episode brings, and that’s good. That’s good to be interested in that.

Do you think Dexter deserves a happy ending?
DZ: [Laughs] Be careful what you say about that. Again, as long as it’s interesting and it’s real. Read more after the jump...

The side-story of Season 5 was your relationship with LaGuerta. Are there any more relationship twists and turns to look forward to next season?
DZ: I’ll tell you this: the sixth season starts a year after the last episode that the fifth season ends, so there’s a lot of changes, and you might find a lot of different paths to that relationship – maybe not all good.

Why do you think the fans were so opposed to that relationship?
DZ: I don’t know if they were or not. I don’t really read all of the posts. But sometimes people just see characters one way, and whenever there’s a huge change in the journey of that character, sometimes people, I guess, resist it. But I like that storyline. I think it was interesting to watch a Latino couple in a show in a marriage, and the dynamics of them working together, and how that affected their relationship. I found it interesting.

JA: On a slightly different note, the president of Showtime recently said there will be a ‘Dan Brown’ vibe next season. What do you think he mean by that?
DZ: I think it all has to do with the religious aspect of fanaticism that’s probably going to have a tone for this season coming up. Maybe that’s it.

JA: Finally, what do you think has been the reason for the success of this show?
DZ: I think it is the ongoing development of each character specifically, and mostly Dexter and how he’s dealing with life as it comes to him – not as he’s creating it, but as things happen in life how he deals with it with the defect that he has, and I think that makes it an interesting concept, as well as just having great writers that keep writing these amazing stories.

C.S. Lee talks Season 6:

Jo Ankier: Your character, Vince Masuka, seems to be the one in the show able to inject a little bit of humor into almost any situation: How do you handle that responsibility?
C.S. Lee: Well, I kind of leave it up to the writers. [Laughs] My job is easy; I just have to act it, and it’s really our writers that come up with the good stuff. When they start somewhere and come up with a good line, sometimes I’ll add a word or two, or change it up a little bit, but it has to start with something, and it’s the writers that really come up with the good writing.

JA: What about experimenting with the kinky side of things? Is that something you had… prior experience in, or has this been a bit of fun for you?
CSL: It’s easy because that was my prior life. Indeed, I was a male escort, so I had a lot of material to draw from. In fact, you look familiar, actually… No? Oh, maybe I’m wrong… [smiles]

No, it’s fun. It’s a fun character to play, and I think, in every circle of friends – even in your circle, I bet – there’s that one guy, or even that one girl out there that tends to be sort of the sexual cat. So I think we all have one of those guys.

JA: You’ve been in the show since the very beginning. Realistically, how long do you think Dexter can last?
CSL: Honestly, I think it can last probably another five years… Ten years? Is that too much? That’s crazy. I mean, I’m sure I’ll be dead by then…

JA: If Dexter does get caught, how would you personally like to see it happen?
CSL: I’ve always said this to Michael [C. Hall]: I don’t want him to get caught, honestly. I think if he goes out, it’s got to be something totally unpredicted, totally out of the ordinary. Like he’s walking down the street and a statue falls over and bonks him on the head or he gets hit by a bus: Something totally pedestrian. I don’t think Dexter should get caught. I think you should leave the audience with something… Maybe he should just walk off into the sunset, like Bruce Banner from The Incredible Hulk.

JA: We’re here tonight celebrating Season 5. What was your favorite episode of the season?
CSL: I think when the barrel girls – those girls that were stuffed in those barrels – when that came out, that was pretty horrific. That’s pretty scary to watch when you’re all by yourself at home, and I think my wife got pretty freaked out.

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