Michael C. Hall: "If and When Debra Find Out, It Will Be a Game-Changer"

Dexter returns in October and ign.com recently had the chance to speak to the show's star, Michael C. Hall, about the new season. Per usual with this show, Hall was doing his best to keep plot specifics a secret, but he spoke about the overall theme of Season 6, which involves Dexter examining religion, along with the presence of new actors like Edward James Olmos.

Having played this character for a few years, was it very interesting for you to see how they were approaching him this season, as they look at this spiritual aspect?
Hall: Yeah. They've taken him to places he's never imagined himself going - but even I never imagined him going to the place where he's being taken in the sixth season.
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You have some really strong new actors this season as well.
Hall: It's amazing. Eddie, Colin [Hanks], Mos… There's nothing more thrilling at this point on the show than being reminded that… The fact that we're able to attract people of that caliber to make this and to jump onto our moving train is really pretty cool.

I know you have to keep the show's secrets, but anything you can say about their characters?
Hall: I think all the characters in one way or the other will serve to move him along in his path – a path that characterizes the season, towards examining his own relationship to spirituality.

What makes Dexter start to examine this aspect of himself?
Hall: It's his son. I think it's taking responsibility for the fact that his son needs more than to be shielded from Dexter's dark passenger. He also will need something positive… It's an awareness that his son may have an appetite for those things that Dexter at least doesn't consciously have that brings him to an appreciation that it's something he might want to explore.

A constant question looming over the show is when and if Deb will find out Dexter's secret. Would you like to see that happen sooner than later at this point?
Hall: [Long pause] If and when it happens, it will be a game-changer, I'll say that much.

The relationship with Dexter and Lumen last season was fascinating, and unlike many characters from the past on this show, she could return. Would you like to see that revisited at some point?
Hall: She is unique among characters in Dexter's world in that she's the only one who's found out the truth or at least part of the truth about him and has survived to know it. That prospect is compelling, as are many. I don't know what's going to happen with that.

Edward James Olmos is obviously so respected and has such gravitas. I imagine it must be amazing working with him and the energy that he brings.
Hall: Oh yeah! When I watched Miami Vice as a kid, it was his character who really captivated me and I think that's true of a lot of people who watched that show. And I've been watching him ever since and admiring his work. I pinch myself when I find myself on the same call sheet as people like that.

Have you and the producers discussed how much longer the show might go?
Hall: Those conversations are happening, but it's hard for me to think that this will be our last [season]. Beyond that, it's hard to say.

Source: ign.com

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  1. yeah!!! Finaly!!!! i cant wait for see this season!!!! :-D

  2. I pray Dexter is the longest running show ever !! Please Please DO NOT end it yet there is still so much that we want to see..Who/If Dexter gets married again..Harrison all grown up..Who Deb finally settles down with, ect......!!
    I love this show and will pray it goes on for many more seasons ! <3

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