Dexter Season 6 - Is Dexter Done With Love?

Via Lovable serial killer “Dexter” found and quickly lost love with Lumen last season, and it sounds like after that experience, he’s done with the dating game and is ready to get back to what he knows – killing bad guys.

At CBS’ Wednesday night party during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Los Angeles, star Michael C. Hall dished on his blood-spatter analyst’s love life – or lack thereof. Click the link below to read more...

“When he blows the candles out (during the season five finale at baby Harrison’s birthday party), he’s like, ‘Bam. Done,’ ” said Hall. “(The relationship with rape victim-turned killer Lumen, played by Julia Stiles) exists in his memory and his conscious -- or his unconscious memory. It was recorded in his cells. It was a big thing, but I don’t think he is someone to … to cry. What do you think Dexter would do to soothe himself, honestly?”

When pressed for more details on Dexter’s love life in season six, Hall said once more, “He’s blown those candles out.”

Though romance may be out of Dex’s life for the upcoming season, sister Deb (played by Jennifer Carpenter) is still with fellow detective Quinn (Desmond Harrington) come the new season, but are the two leaving the honeymoon phase behind?

“Deb’s got a whole lot of new stuff on her plate,” Hall told in response to a question about Carpenter’s plucky detective and her near discovery of big bro Dexter’s huge secret. Asked if the “stuff” was related to her love life, the actor made a mischievous face and said, “Maybe.”

Harrington later confirmed to us that his character and Deb do run into some issues related to their love life. “Our relationship becomes more complex,” he said.

Though his Det. Quinn – like the dearly departed Sgt. Doakes, who got too close to the truth -- knows something strange is up with Dexter, “I really don’t think Quinn would care as much as Doakes. He knows something went down, and he was very happy to say thank you and walk away from Dexter and enjoy the party with Dexter’s sister” at the end of season five, said Harrington.

Season six of “Dexter” returns to Showtime on Oct. 2 at 9 p.m.

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  1. I am Dexter. And I am watching.

  2. When you have been through so much in your life as Dexter has been ie

    1 Watching your Mother being killed
    2 Killing your brother
    3.Your sister being nearly killed TWO times
    4.Your Wife whom he loved so much being Murdered
    5.An UNGRATEFUL Thankless Lumen

    Then it is but natural to forget about love

    Dexter Loves Harrison and Debra very much

    So these two people are more than enough in Dexter's life

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