C.S. Lee: Debra & Masuka Would Be One of the Most Shocking Couples in History

Via tvdonewright.com. The showtime hit series dexter is entering its 6th season this fall. Michael C. Hall stars as dexter morgan, everyone’s favorite blood-splatter analysis / serial-killing. When Dexter isn’t feeding his ‘dark passenger’, he works alongside Vince Masuka. CS Lee plays masuka, who has become a fan-favorite thanks to his filthy humor and hilarious one-liners. Before the season stars, tvdonewright had a chance to talk to CS about what’s coming up for Masuka in season 6. Here’s what he had to say.

Adam: You are currently working on the sixth season of dexter. Doing this for the past 6 seasons, does the shooting get easier?
CS: It does get easier. the cast knows each other better and the crew is in snyc with us. We try to have more fun now i think.

Adam: Dexter of course is a massive hit with fans and critics. Tell me about being apart of it all. You must get recognized all the time out in public.
CS: I do get recognized and it’s nice to meet fans and hear what they have to say about my character and the show. And no, I am not as raunchy as my character. but i will tell you it’s fun to play a pervert on t.v. Click the link below to read the full interview!

Adam: You play Vince Masuka, who is a pretty interesting fella to say the least. (laughs). Before we get deep into masuka territory, I want to hear about your craziest story involving a fan recognizing you.
CS: One time i was in Korea and we were waiting for a bus at the main bus terminal and i saw these two dudes walking by and looking at me. one of them said to the other, “hey! that’s the dude from Dexter! isn’t it? isn’t it him? Masuka?” I looked at them and then the other dude says to his buddy, “naw….why would he be all the way over here in korea.” the look on the one dude’s face was so funny cause i smiled at him and he was so convinced it was me. he kept looking at me while they walked by,

Adam: Speaking of fans, you were recently at comic-con in san diego. tell me about your experience there.
CS: ComIc-con was such a fun time. this year i was able to do the Dexter panel and had the chance to go face to face with 5000 screaming fans. It was crazy. I got a lot of questions from them regarding masuka. i even got all 5000 fans to do my laugh with me at one point. crazy fans down there.

Adam: On a drama like dexter that deals with heavy issues, Masuka is a character that always lightens the mood as comic-relief. You must be having the time of your life playing him. (laughs)
CS: Absolutely! Its fun to play the character cause I’m really nothing like him. I’m into football and fishing and golfing. He’s into one thing only and that’s girls. he’s also a little on the strange side too which makes it fun to play as well. Sometimes I get the cast laughing at me while we’re doing a scene because he can be strangely funny. 

Adam: I think masuka just says and acts on what most guys wish they could. I’m ready to admit that. (laughs).
CS: I totally agree. We all have a friend in our circle that has a friend that is just like masuka. And I think that when most guys get together and shoot the shit, we are as raunchy as he is. It’s the fun side of life and we all need it to get by the boredom of this thing we call life. 

Adam: He sure is the expert on anything porn or sex related. is that thanks to extensive research on your part, or the writers’ part? (laughs).
CS: I leave that up to the writers. and if it’s something i don’t know about, the internet is a click away. sometimes that scares me. 

Adam: I hear this upcoming season, masuka gets interns. what can you tell me about that?
CS: Well he gets some interns to help him in the department because he is teaching at a forensics class at a local college. Some interns maybe “hotter” than the other which makes it an interesting dynamic at the work place. And some are just plain too smart for even masuka. 

Adam: So i’m guessing masuka will be getting into ‘bill clinton’ territory. It’s inevitable! (laughs)
CS: Yeah could be! Work and sex is always a good combo that is inescapable!

Adam: One of your interns is Ryan Chambers. she’s played by Brea Grant who joins the cast this season. Tell me about her character, and what does it mean for Masuka.
CS: She is a hottie. And perhaps Masuka will get some action that doesn’t involve the exchange of money. 

Adam: Inappropriateness ensues i’m willing to bet? (laughs)
CS: He couldn’t stay away from inappropriateness like a fly couldn’t stay away from shit.

Adam: Now throughout the series, masuka has been trying to get with deb. She’s like his mount everest. What can we expect from you two this season?
CS: She is perhaps his match made in heaven. She swears, she says what’s on her mind, and she wears man boots. And she has tits. The perfect combination- other than the man boots. 

Adam: Do you think it will ever happen, between deb and Masuka? (laughs)
CS: If it did, it certainly would be one of the most shocking couples in history. But then again, it is t.v. and crazier things have happened. i mean have seen the housewives of orange county??? 

Adam: You have the best one-liners on the series. Do you have a favorite line or scene from the entire series?
CS: “Science is a cold hearted bitch with a fourteen inch strap-on.” 

Adam: And of course, there’s the laugh! had to bring it up, it’s iconic. How did you come up with it? And did you ever think it would become as big as it is?
CS: The script said that masuka had a strange laugh but it didn’t specify. So i came up with this laugh. the laugh is a amalgamation of beavis and butthead and a few of my close friends. To me it’s a laugh that has a tinge of “naughtiness” to it when heard. So i thought it was appropriate for him to have this particular laugh. I think it got me the job. I never thought it would be a vital part of Masuka. But for some reason it has become the life of him. 

Adam: As I mentioned earlier, masuka usually plays comic-relief. But can we expect him to get into a different kind of storyline? Maybe something more serious?
CS: We saw some of that in season 3 i think when nobody came to his lecture. I’m always willing to explore his serious side. I think it would be great. it would give him more dimensions. I know the fans are curious about his life outside of work. perhaps his family and friends. It would totally be interesting to see what they are like. But then again i don’t know if america is ready to see this.

Adam: With the amount of time Masuka spends with Dexter, i’m willing to bet that he will be one of the first to discover his big secret. What do you think?
CS: I totally agree with you there. One slip of evidence from Dexter and I think Masuka could find something out. But I’m not sure at this point how he would react. 

Adam: We know if he finds something out, he won’t be able to keep it secret. We all remember what happened when masuka saw rita kiss the neighbor in season 4. (laughs).
CS: Yes you are right. masuka is a drama queen. He loves the attention and loves being pushed to areas of life that most normal people wouldn’t want to touch. I think that’s what makes him feel a part of this world. Perhaps it’s over-compensating for all the dead people he has to deal with at his work. 

Adam: Season 6 of Dexter will deal with faith. How do you play into the theme this season?
CS: We will see. I’m just saying that religion is a topic that people love to talk about. And perhaps the last person you would think would get involved in religion is dexter. It’s an interesting storyline for him. 

Adam: I hear that season 6 will be the darkest season ever. do you agree, and can you elaborate?
CS: I’ve seen some crazy shit so far. Yeah, could be the darkest yet. I think the darker the better for this show. 

Adam: Give me one line to tease the new season. go!
CS: You think you’ve seen blood on this show? Wait for season six. Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos. it’s gonna be a hell of a bloody good time. 

Adam: Finally, i ask this to all my interviewees. Tell me what you’ve been watching on tv lately. 
CS: louie on fx. best show on tv right now.

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  1. its great to see Dexter getting dark again, god knows how or why season 5 was their best ever numbers wise (probably new fans from season4 and trinity/ stiles fans) but dexter is dark,yes! as it should be: just listening to the first scene from the first episode still gives me goosebumps from so long ago. great to see Masuka getting more airtime and relevance. fantastic character second only to Dex imo. EJOlmos will be awesome this season, it will be fantastic!

  2. Yes, it's time for the show to explore other secondary characters from Miami Metro like Mazuka and Capt. Matthews. I don't care much for detectives Ramos and Soderquist, but it would be nice for them, for the realistic side too, to get more lines and to interfers with the main plot.

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