Dexter Season 6 Episode 6.06 - "Just Let Go"

Episode 6.06 of Dexter will be called "Just Let Go". Click the link below to read some small casting news from this episode...

Casting news is that in the episode is Cindy, a hot and sexy blonde at a party and 'junkie' a crack smoker in an alley. Both are one scene parts...

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. what is the date of the season 6 season primer?

  2. This site was saying Oct 2 because they are rerunning Season 5 now on Showtime and the last ep will air Sept 25 ...but more than likely they will show the season 6 premiere right after the rerun of season 5 finale on Sept 25.

  3. Check-out the Interview with Co-Executive Producer of Dexter on tomorrow's episode of Filmnut on 8 p.m. PT/ 11 p.m. ET

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