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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dexter Season 6 - The Biggest Crimes Ever in Miami

Less than 10 weeks left until the premiere of season 6, and from the latest Dexter Season 6 promo we took an idea about what we'll see this season. The biggest serial killer, Professor Gellar is coming and by the look of Masuka's face on the latest promo "Thank God" we understand that this killer and this season are going to be insane!

Don't forget Scott Bucks words: "They are probably the biggest crimes we’ve ever seen on this show. We’re going toward a different kind of serial killer than what we usually see. This is someone more in line with the Zodiac Killer…. He kills people with great conviction. This is probably the first serial killer we’ve had who thinks he’s in the right."

We anxiously wait for the 3-minute season 6 promo on Comic-Con 2011, this Thursday. Cast & Crew photos, interviews, promos and much more coming this week! Stay tuned!


  1. wow cant wait check out other season of dexter @

  2. No COmic-Con doesn't air period. I always wait for someone to upload the footage to youtube and watch the Dexter Panel like that. And thats usually how I see the upcoming seasons trailer as well. But I'm pretty sure this site will have the trailer before youtube does. Man Oh Man. Every time I hear more about season 6 the more stoked I get. This is totally going to be the best season thus far I bet. Can't friggin' wait yo!