Brea Grant Talks Dexter Season 6, Masuka & More

Via Season 6 of Dexter returns this fall bringing many surprises including a familiar face: Brea Grant, who played the super fast Daphne Millbrook in Heroes, will be joining the Dexter cast as sexy and foul mouthed Ryan Chambers who will be a counterpart to always “charming” Masuka.

Can you talk about the casting process to get the role on ‘Dexter’?
Brea Grant: That was a weird one for me. It wasn’t like a normal casting process. I was actually in Texas for my grandmother’s funeral and I get a call that they wanted me to come in and read and I couldn’t go. So, I got my mom to videotape me on her iPhone and I got my brother to read across from me. Then I just uploaded it to Vimeo. Actually, I sent it to my boyfriend who uploaded it to Vimeo. They sent that over and they hired me from that. It’s crazy.
Can you talk about your character, Ryan Chambers on ‘Dexter’?
Brea Grant: Ryan Chambers is the newest lab intern on ‘Dexter’ in Masuka’s lab.

Do you work more with Masuka and Dexter?
Brea Grant: With Masuka, almost exclusively. Read more after the jump...

The character of Masuka tells a lot of dirty jokes and so it must be interesting to play with that kind of dialogue.
Brea Grant: He is, but I think that Ryan can keep up with that which is good. It doesn’t bother her and he’s basically found his match in that way, that the crudeness she thinks is funny or she can play along.

That must means that you probably have some interesting lines.
Brea Grant: I do, and some of them have been cut. We do the table read and everyone is like, ‘Oh, too much,’ but for the part it’s fun. I get to play this, like, kind of sexy, a little bit sleazy girl. It’s fun.

How many episodes have you shot so far?
Brea Grant: Four.

What’s it been like working on the set?
Brea Grant: Good. It’s going really well. Everybody is really nice. There’s something really amazing about watching these amazing professionals work, like Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter and all these people that have been doing this for so many years. So, that’s been incredible, to sort of be there and be around it. It’s such a machine at this point. It has this huge following and this huge crew. It’s a huge production.

You were on ‘Heroes’ for quite a few episodes, speaking of a following. Do you still hear from fans of the show?
Brea Grant: Oh, my God, constantly. Via Twitter a lot. There’s a lot of people that I’ve made friends with because of that and we’ve kept in touch. ‘Heroes‘ fans are rabid and loyal, and so they’ve followed me through everything that I’ve done since then and now they’re excited about ‘Dexter’. It’s amazing to hear from them again. They have a lot of the same fans, too, which is cool.

And I heard that you’re going to be at Comic-Con this year, right?
Brea Grant: Yeah, I’ll be at Comic-Con.

I know you’ve been there for your own work, but what are you there for this year?
Brea Grant: A little of everything. I think that I’m going to do a ‘Dexter‘ signing and then I’m doing some signing for my own comic book. I’m writing currently the ‘Suicide Girls’ comic book. That’s what I’ve been writing. It’s out on IDW right now. Then I’m also doing a horror panel, a horror comic book panel with Steve Niles, David Quinn and Tim Seeley and a bunch of really cool guys that I’m really excited about. I’m going to talk about the first comic book that I co-wrote with my brother which is called ‘We Will Bury You‘.

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