POLL: What Would Happen if Deb Found out the Truth about Dexter?

In the season 5 finale Debra almost found out the truth about who Dexter really is. A recent Dexter Season 6 teaser gave us an idea of what might happen next. What do you think would happen if Debra found out the truth about his brother, Dexter?

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  1. Nice poll.

    I think like the most of us, she will protect him. although she cant accept it and she doesnt agree with it. imagine this. one fine day your mom or dad comes into your room or calls you, and says that she/he's a serial killer. what would you do?
    It's family, you wouldnt go to the police because you love them. so you protect them and make the best of it.

  2. I think Debra is the perfect character to find about Dexter. I think she would be shocked at first, but she almost learned the truth last season and I believe that, if she did, she would understand and protect Dexter. She's his sister and they've allways had such a special relationship.

  3. @ Nerea.

    yes she almost learned about it. I think it was a kind of preparation for us, that she's willing to protect her brother if she knew.

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