POLL RESULTS: Which was your Favorite Episode of a Season?

12 Weeks, 12 Polls, 60 Episodes. We have the results of the polls "Which was your Favorite Episode of a Season". Click the link below to see the results and the winner(s)!

POLL: Which was your Favorite Season Premiere Episode?
Results: 5.01 / 1.01 / 4.01 / 2.01 / 3.01
Winner: Episode 5.01 "My Bad" with 33.8%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.01 "Our Father"

POLL: Which was your Favorite Second Episode of a Season?
Results: 1.02 / 4.02 / 2.02 / 5.02 / 3.02
Winner: Episode 1.02 "Crocodile" with 27.3%. Less favorite Episode: 3.02 "Finding Freebo"

POLL: Which was your Favorite Third Episode of a Season?
Results: 2.03 / 3.03 / 1.03 / 4.03 / 5.03
Winner: Episode 2.03 "An Incovienent Lie" with 23.4%. Less Favorite Episode: 5.03 "Practically Perfect".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Fourth Episode of a Season?
Results: 5.04 / 1.04 / 4.04 / 3.04 / 2.04
Winner: Episode 5.04 "Beauty and the Beast" with 40.6%. Less Favorite Episode: 2.04 "See-Through"

POLL: Which was your Favorite Fifth Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.05 / 2.05 / 5.05 / 1.05 / 3.05
Winner: Episode 4.05 "Dirty Harry" with 34.6%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.05 "Turning Biminese".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Sixth Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.06 / 5.06 / 2.06 / 1.06 / 3.06
Winner: Episode 4.06 "If I Had a Hammer" with 34.2%. Less Favorite Episode 3.06 "Si Se Puede".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Seventh Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.07 / 5.07 / 2.07 / 1.07 / 3.07
Winner: Episode 4.07 "Slack Tide" with 26.2%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.07 "Easy as Pie".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Eighth Episode of a Season?
Results: 5.08 / 1.08 / 4.08 / 2.08 / 3.08
Winner: Episode 5.08 "Take It!" with 38%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.08 "The Damage A Man Can Do".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Ninth Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.09 / 5.09 / 2.09 / 1.09 / 3.09
Winner: Episode 4.09 "Hungry Man" with 45.9%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.09 "About Last Night".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Tenth Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.10 / 1.10 / 5.10 / 2.10 / 3.10
Winner: Episode 4.10 "Lost Boys" with 33.9%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.10 "Go Your Own Way".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Eleventh Episode of a Season?
Results: 4.11 / 1.11 / 5.11 / 2.11 / 3.11
Winner: Episode 4.11 "Hello, Dexter Morgan" with 58.3%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.11 "I Had a Dream".

POLL: Which was your Favorite Season Finale Episode?
Results: 4.12 / 1.12 / 5.12 / 2.12 / 3.12
Winner: Episode 4.12 "The Getaway" with 57.6%. Less Favorite Episode: 3.02 "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?"

Dexter Season 4 is the big winner of the polls. 7/12 polls. Let's see the TOP 3 episodes of Dexter below.

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  1. Season 4 is overrated and Season 3 is underrated...And no Season 5 episode deserves to be favorite...

  2. Season 2 and 3 were my favorites

  3. I agree with these, but no episodes from season 2? Best season ever!!

  4. ^^I agree, there should have definitely been some from season 2!

  5. Season 4 was absolutely brilliant, especially the season finale, what an episode i was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
    In order my favs are
    Season 4
    Season 1
    Season 5
    Season 2
    Season 3
    The Best show i have ever seen!!!!

  6. I am so sick of hearing people say negative things about season 5. Like that comment up there saying that no S5 episode deserves to be a favorite. If you didn't like season 5 then you are NOT a real Dexter fan, and if you are not a real Dexter fan this do us all a favor and piss off. No one cares what you think or what you have to say. Dexter is the absolute best show on television, period. Even at its worst (and I dont think we ever will see that) it's above and beyond better than anything out there. The series had to have an exhale after season 4. Was S5 the best? No. But it was another great season, with superb acting and intriguing storylines. And season 6 is shaping up to be the best yet. We have a showrunner that has been with the show since day one, and so has his crew. We have some amazing guest stars. And again with MCH's flawless portrayal of Dexter, we can't go wrong. Long live Darkly Dreaming Dearly Devoted Deeply Disturbed Demented Daddy Dexter.

  7. season 4,2,1,5,3 are my order of ratings...

  8. ^^ I actually don't mind season 5 and all, but dude, you are full of shit. Part of being a fan is having the balls to criticize the own work you have been enjoying for all this time. It's not bashing or trolling if you find a season weaker than the rest, and perhaps the poster who said it was the worst should have actually gone into detail why they consider it weak instead of some blanket statement. At the same time, the old saying, "If you don't like it then leave" comment that you made is called a fallacy. If you want to look that up, it means it's a fancy way of arguing that in reality is illogical. Criticism is what REAL fans do instead of mindlessly enjoying whatever a group of writers slap onto a tv screen, in order to maintain the love for the show, dexter that they have had from the beginning. Also, Dexter is a great show, but to say it's better than everything else on tv? Have you even watched anything else on tv because we are living in a good era at the moment, with some various other dramas out there that are just as good which you would know if you actually watched them. Yes, there is alot of crap on tv as well (reality tv, some bad scripted sitcoms here and there, and blah blah blah), but don't poo-poo on 100% of the rest of television as a medium just because you, dexter fan #1, have never seen the light to try out anything new. As for season 5, it wasn't shit terrible, and it wasn't my favorite, but it was still good television in my opinion.

  9. I am the first poster
    I didn't say that S5 is horrible...Although it is unfortunately sometimes close to being horrible...The thing is that I think that you can find better episode than the one from S5 from number 1 to 12...So here is my list of preferences and how I voted...
    1. episode: S1>S2>S3=S4>=S5
    2. S2>S1=S3>=S4>=S5
    3. S2>S5>=S1=S3>S4
    4. S1>=S4>S2>=S3>S5
    5. S2>S1>S3>S4>>S5
    6. S1>S2>S3>S5>S4
    7. S1>S2>S3>S4>>S5
    8. S2>=S1>=S3>S5>S4
    9. S2>=S3>S1>=S4>S5
    10. S3>=S2>=S1>S4>>S5
    11. S1>=S3>=S2>=S4>>S5
    12. S1>S4>S2>S3>S5

    6 for S2
    5 for S1
    1 for S3
    0 for S4
    0 for S5

  10. Why do people hate season 3? It's my favorite. My order of favorite seasons (Including season 6) is...

    3, 4, 6, 2, 5, 1

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