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Latest from and Michael Aussielo. Click the link below to read scoop about the time-jump on Dexter Season 6...

Question: Any more news on the possible time-jump on Dexter and how this will affect his character in general? — Lisa
Ausiello: Well, since the breakdowns that just came out include characters who are residents of a nursing home, it’s probably safe to say that next season, ol’ Dex will be in a rocker, not just off his own. That, or some of the action will take place at a nursing home, and the serial dad will still be around the same age. One or the other. In either case, we’ll be meeting a working-class geezer who’s mad as hell that he’s stuck in a retirement village. (Statler! Waldorf! Call your agents!)

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  1. That was pointless. Wish there was more on the overall direction this season.

  2. THe time jump is not so big, Dexter will be around the same age (only a little older) and Harrison will be a little bigger, that's all.

  3. when does season 6 begin.......come more hockey

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