Dexter Season 6 - Filming Locations Info

The filming of Dexter Season 6 is still continuing. Click the link below to read information about the filming locations of 'Dexter', these days.

Dexter have returned to Long Beach, the scene of so many "Dexter" crimes, for another season's worth of filming.
There were some scenes filmed last week at the Gaslamp Restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway at Loynes Drive. Crews were also at a preschool in Belmont Heights, which will reportedly be featured in a recurring role. Also finished are scenes shot this week at Wilson High School.

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  1. That is such a cool picture!

  2. We need this picture in high res.

  3. Hi John,

    Were you the one that commented on my Dexter pictures of Michael and Jennifer at the website On Location Vacations about a week ago? Those were taken in front of the preschool, Our Lady of the Gulf on 3rd and Termino Avenue. I have more... about 20 of them. Would you like a few to post on your blog?

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