More Season 6 Casting News - Brea Grant Joins Dexter

According to, Brea Grant will be joining the cast of Dexter Season 6. Brea says: "I’ll be recurring on Dexter this season! No spoilers but I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing me in a white lab coat." We don't have more details about her character in Season 6 but we think she will play a Computer Genius and  she'll work with Masuka. Brea’s best known for previous roles on the TV series “Heroes”, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, Midnight Movie.

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  1. Wow I have' t seen Brea in anything since Heroes, so I am looking forward to seeing her on Dexter this season coming up.

  2. Is this who C.S. Lee is talking about in the video you guys posted today? Should be interesting. I like it.

  3. Great! I really liked her as Daphne in Heroes, I think she's a great addition to the show. A posible love interest for Masuka? Who knows... btw, I'm becoming a follower of this blog since this moment, 'cause I'm dying to read more news about Dexter and I'd like to have a place to comment the upcoming season. Thanks for all the info!!!

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