Lauren Velez: "People are Going to be Surprised by What Happens with Laguerta"

Lauren Velez gave an interview on She talked about Dexter Season 6, Laguerta, Edward James Olmos and the other new cast members: "Production began today on the sixth season of Showtime’s hit serial killer drama, Dexter — and being the nosy diehard Dexter fans that we are — we called up Puerto Rican actress Lauren Velez (AKA Lt. Maria Laguerta) to get the 411 on what’s coming up in the new season for Dexter, Laguerta and Co.
When we last saw Laguerta in season five, things between her and her husband Batista (David Zayas) were more than a little rocky. And while Velez couldn’t reveal whether that strained relationship would be getting the ax in season six, the sweet actress did tease us with this: “Right off the back," she said, "people are going to be surprised by what happens with Laguerta." Read more after the jump...

One thing Velez could talk about was Dexter’s newest cast member, Mexican actor Edward James Olmos, who is joining the cast as a brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies. Velez says she was ecstatic upon hearing the news that Olmos would be joining her in fictional Miami. “I screamed!” she said. “I know Eddie and I love him. I also love his work. I called him up when I heard the news and he was so excited as well!” Velez says she made another phone call as well – to the show’s head writer and executive producer. “I begged him to give me scenes with Eddie,” she says, “Because I’m dying to work with him!”
Coming off its highest rated season ever, Dexter is one of TV's hottest shows (and not just because it's set in sunny Miami), but Velez says the addition of Olmos and rapper/actor Mos Def is going to bring new viewers to Showtime’s #1 show. “Between Eddie and Mos, we’re going to hopefully get a new audience that will join the audience we already have,” Velez reasons. “It’s going to be a pretty hot season! We are so excited!”
Velez couldn’t disclose much about Olmos’ top secret role, but she did say this: “It’s about salvation. That’s what I keep hearing." But don't expect Olmos’ character to be the next Miguel Prado or the next Trinity killer. “I don’t think Eddie is going to be Dexter’s nemesis,” says Velez. “But I like that Eddie is coming on. He has a huge following and it’s great to have two powerful Latinos –Jimmy Smits and now Eddie—both be on the show at different times. I adore Jimmy and he was brilliant when he was on the show," she adds.
Olmos, who is best known for his Oscar-nominated role as Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver (1988) and for his TV work as William Adama in the Syfy series, Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009), is just the latest actor to join the Showtime drama's upcoming sixth season. Along with Mos Def—who is joining the show in the role of an ex-con—Colin Hanks (Orange County) has signed on to play Dexter's new nemesis (following in the footsteps of Jimmy Smits and John Lithgow), and part-Mexican, part-Puerto Rican actress Aimee Garcia (Trauma) is also on board for season six. She'll play Batista's (David Zayas) younger sister and Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) new nanny.
Dexter is expected to premiere on Showtime in September."


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  1. Sounds very exciting, I was hoping that you would kill Jen Carpenters character tho, she is so annoying and more like a pestering wife to Dexter than his sister, and her fowl mouth wouldnt be missed either.

  2. Wow! I can't wait to watch it. I am hoping that Lumen Pierce will return to Dexter. She makes him evolve into a different character.

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