Dexter Season 6 Casting News - Aimee Garcia to Play 'Jamie'

New exclusive casting news from about the new cast member of Dexter Season 6, Aimee Garcia. Read more after the jump...

Dexter Morgan is making some staffing changes. "Off the Map" actress Aimee Garcia is joining the cast of Dexter as Jamie, the new nanny Dex hires to care for his son Harrison. Jamie also happens to be the kid sis of Dex’s colleague Batista — which, if you ask me, can only lead to trouble.

I know what you’re probably wondering: What became of Sonya, the Irish au pair who kept lil’ Harry in diapers last season? Sources confirm she either got fired, quit, or died.

Garcia will appear throughout the Showtime drama’s upcoming sixth season.

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  1. Me encanta es bellisima, ahora hay que ver como se enreda Dexter con la hermanita de Batista

  2. I just hope she won't be a new love interest. Apart from that, any new character is fine with me even though I loved Sonya.

  3. Shame Sonya left, this looks like a person who negatively influences Harrison

  4. shit, i bet she will be super weird, or even worse. also i would be disappointed if she is actually "new love interest", cuz it will just become very silly.

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