"Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay Coming in October 18

The 6th book in the killer New York Times best-selling series, and inspiration for Showtime's #1-rated show, Dexter,  returns with a completely new, disarmingly dark double take of a novel.

Jeff Lindsay: "For those of you Dexperts who love the series — help pick the cover art! Vote here for your favorite cover for the upcoming book, Double Dexter, and sign up for a chance to receive an author-signed copy of the book hot off the presses."

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  1. wow nice!!

    i'm currently reading Dexter in the Dark, the third in the series.

    They are very good books, and its not because its about dexter, but Lindsay is a very good author.

  2. i am an avid fan of the series.
    i already read five of them.
    For me, "Dexter is Delicious" is the best so far.
    i hope the new sequel will be a great book too.
    i can't wait to have a copy of "Double Dexter"

  3. I love the cover with the Mai Tai!! And I have a Galley copy that I just finished. It is AWESOME!!! I can't believe I missed voting on the cover! :0)

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