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Season 1 Episode 1: Dexter takes part in the investigation of a serial killer who drains his victims of blood. He also kills two criminals, and his romantic relationship may be going to the next level.

Season 2 Episode 1: Dexter becomes anxious and frustrated after more than a month without killing. When he finally gets his chance, he finds he is off his game.

Season 3 Episode 1: Dexter begins to question his blind loyalty to his father's memory. In an act of spontaneity, he wonders whether The Code of Harry is a necessity anymore.

Season 4 Episode 1: Dexter's sleep deprivation puts both his day job and his nighttime hunting in jeopardy. Lundy is back in town to capture the Trinity Killer - someone he can't even prove exists.

Season 5 Episode 1: Dexter has reported Rita's death and the case is handed over to the FBI as the killing has all the earmarks of the Trinity killer. Everyone on the team is supportive but a bit upset with Lt. Laguerta for handing over the case that has affected one of their own. Det. Quinn however doesn't feel Dexter is behaving like a grieving husband should and when Masuka mentions that Dexter was aware of Rita kissing her neighbor, he begins to suspect him.

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