POLL: Which was your Favourite Season of Dexter?

Which was your favourite season of Dexter? Vote below and rank the seasons of the show!

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  1. season 4 of course !!!

  2. season 1... biny was the best killer of all... they should make him as the second evil dark passenger and harry as the good passenger... killing biny was a HUGE mistake... the writers should have let him go and made him appear in season 6... =P

  3. I have read the books and in them Brain (biny) was not killed at the end but LaGuerta, plus at the end of book two Doakes was not killed or framed but disfingered . He still hates Dexter even thought he cannot talk and barely walk and no longer work for the force plus at the end of book 5 Debs is expecting. I think they could of use this story in season 6 of dexter but with the real life break up of the miin cast I believe they will not use this direction now. I am unsure what season 6 holds for us! I hope it is better than season 5 which only have a few good episodes and the final was rushed compare to even season 3! Which is not my most favourite.
    Season one and season 4 Rock Equally

  4. Season 1 was definitely the best season.

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