Julia Stiles gushes over Michael C. Hall at the Golden Globes

Isn’t it weird how some rumors in Hollywood just float away like they never even happened? That’s exactly the case with the alleged Julia Stiles-Michael C. Hall hookup on the set of Dexter.
Hollyscoop talked exclusively with Julia at the Golden Globes yesterday, and she gushed about her rumored lover.
She told us, “He's terrific, all my scenes are with him. He's just a really inspiring actor.”
Julia added, “I think he made me a better actress. He is so sweet and it was great.”
She went on to tell us that Hall’s was cancer-free when they were shooting together. “Yeah, he was totally healthy when we were working together, you know onward and upward,” she said.
As for joining such an already-established show, Julia said to us, “It was already really successful before I got involved so I was riding its coat tails. It was great, I loved what they wrote for me. The enthusiasm on set is really contagious—everybody, the cast and crew—they really believe in what they are doing. It's a nice environment.”
One thing most fans might not realize that goes on behind the scenes of Dexter? “Surprisingly there is a lot of joking around for such a dark show,” Julia told us.

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