What did you think of Dexter 5.12 "The Big One"?

What did you think of the Season Finale episode 5.12 ''The Big One''? Vote to the poll below, and post a comment about the episode!

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  1. As usual... Dexter never disappoints. This episode brought tears to my eyes. Next season can't come soon enough.

  2. As great as the writing may be the finale was a bit predictable, but I don't think it detracts from the season as a whole. The show has reached the point where its not how crazy the crisis appears to be that draws the audience, but how Dexter as a character evolves. Its unfortunate, but necessary that Lumen left the series in the fashion she did. Simply replacing Rita with another woman would simply be an insult, even one as great as Lumen. But killing her off would be too familiar of Dexter female occurance. She provided Dexter with a cause, a focus and now that its over. Its time for him to change again. I hope the next season will be as great as this one.

  3. I think Dexter did not deserve what Lumen did, but this all proves my theory that there will be a season in which Debra will join Dexter the crime-fighting ...

  4. If Deb does join Dexter in crime-fighting she will do so unwittingly. Any character in Deb's position during the "unseen" confrontation with Dexter and Lumen (a real nail-bitting scene) would have done the same thing. Such monsterous acts -- like the ones Jordan and the other ajoining characters perpetrated -- can only be punished through such methods as done by Dexter and Lumen. Deb could not allow these "avengers" to be caught. And through Dexter's "heart-break" he will become a better man at his "job"; now motivated loss of Lumen's unquestioned acceptance of his demon. The writers and actors of "Dexter" have crafted a character so bewitching that I have often found myself smiling when Dexter's character ends an offender's life in those "plastic-worthy" moments. The look on Dexter's face at the very end of the Season 5 finale after he blows out his son's birthday candle and looks at us wickedly tells me all I really need to know: Season 6 is on the way! So I have to very much disagree with Dexter's character at the end of Season 5: Wishes are not just for kids. Thank you cast and crew of "Dexter" and see you next season.

  5. I really liked the season, but the finale left me somewhat underwhelmed. It was incredibly, incredibly predictable all the way through. Once we saw that Dexter and Lumen were obscured by the plastic for instance, it was obvious that Deb would let them go withouth seeing their faces. The narrative was way too forced at that point.

    And of course Lumen had to leave on her own. It's been obvious for a while because of how the series is constructed with characters that come and go; killing her would be too trivial, so having her leave was the only way out. And am I the only one who has a sort of sit-com feeling about this episode? That it didn't really change the big picture that much?

    The Quinn-getting-off "twist" (was it even supposed to be one?) was equally predictable.

    What kept this episode up was the acting. I was completely blown away by Jonny Lee Miller when Jordan was tied to the table. Jordan let loose the madness and it makes up for a character that was in my mind underdeveloped throughout the season. I honestly feel I that even Boyd Fowler was more developed. I mean; we didn't really get to understand Jordan's motives. Yeah, he wanted control but that hardly makes anyone a monster by imperative. In a show so concerned with the origin of pathologies, I think we should have understood him better.

    All in all, it was a good season even though I hope season six one is more consistent in its brilliance. There were some amazing episodes along the way, but there's also been a lot of stuffing.

  6. Last night's episode could not and did not compete with last season's finale but I think we all knew that. I think Lumen will return later and she will eventually be the reason Dexter gets caught (for real), the next time by Deb and Quinn.

    The DebQuinn team is beginning to grow on me and I like them together, both in and out of bed. Although Quinn is looking sickly thin in real life, I hope he will be okay and continue his affection and teamwork with Deb because Deb is the best detective on the force.

    Sadly, Liddy and Jordan were good but not good enough to compete against Trinity and Lundy. Lumen will probably come back in the final season about the middle of the season because Dexter and she have a connection that is rare, unrealistic, but tantalizing to some. Lumen is now Dexter's weakness. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Lumen's Dark Passenger has not left her. She enjoyed killing too much,but it is unrealistic for them to be killing together.

    Anthony Hopkins is probably the only villain who can come close to provoking as much excitement as Lundy and Trinity?

  7. I suspect Lumen will be back..Hope so.. Maybe with baby in tow??? Glad Jordan is gone.

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