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Karl: Loved the [Dexter] finale, but what did Deb mean during her final conversation with Dexter at the party: "You must be [happy] too, now that this is all over." What would Deb be referring to as "this"? Is she dropping a hint that she knows he was helping Number 13, or did I completely miss what Deb was talking about?
I went to executive producer Sara Colleton with this question, because so many of you were asking it (as well as the two following Q's). She tells you: "Deb is referring to the barrel-girls case. It was meant to be purposely vague, and it should make Dexter wonder exactly what it is she means as he can't be sure."

Nicollette: Are we to believe that Quinn did not figure out that Dexter is a killer? Or is that yet to be determined?
Per Colleton: "Quinn may suspect Dexter has been somehow involved in Liddy's death, but don't think his world view is large enough yet to imagine who Dexter really is."

Maurice: So bummed to see Lumen leave last night on Dexter! Any chance Julia Stiles will return?
Colleton: "That has not been discussed. But she is out there..."

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  1. Maybe Deb meant "glad this is all over" since they are divorcing?

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