Dexter - Episode 5.12 "The Big One" - Ratings On Par with Season 4 Finale

The fifth season finale of Showtime's Dexter delivered a strong and on par performance for the drama.
A total of 2.5 million viewers tuned in Sunday night to watch Dexter match wits with motivational serial killer Jordan Chase, with an additional 400.000 viewers at 11 p.m. That's down slightly from last year's closer, which had 2.6 million. Read below the press release.

Season Five Finale Scores 2.9 Million Viewers
  • Season Five of DEXTER will be the series’ highest rated season to-date, averaging over 5 million viewers per week (across linear and on demand).
  • DEXTER’s season five finale garnered 2.5 million viewers at 9 p.m. and an additional 401,000 viewers at 11 p.m. for a total of 2.9 million viewers. The finale was up 40 percent above the season five premiere (1.77 million). Despite facing tough competition in the hour (Sunday Night Football delivered its best primetime NFL ratings in twelve years), the season five finale was on par with the season four finale.
  • When On Demand and Live+7 viewers are tallied, the DEXTER season five finale is on pace to deliver 6 million viewers.

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  1. I was so sad I cried for Dexter! But I am so glad it didn't go the "other" way. And I love what he did for Quinn, even if he didn't deserve it, it was the only way to save himself and what Deb did BLEW me away, never thought I would have seen the day she would have walked away, AMAZING finale and EXCEPTIONAL show, I LOVE DEXTER!!!

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