Prediction POLL: Dexter and Lumen

What do you think of Dexter and Lumen? Are they going to hook up or they will be just partners?

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  1. I cannot imagine the show getting better any time soon with her on the show. not to mention, she is extremely damaged mentally. bad match for dexter, i dont care how much she can relate to him on this. what happens when shes killed all the people she seeks? shes not going to continue to kill. plus, shes an idiot and would get dex in more trouble by sticking around, and eventually ruin everything for him. my opinion is, lumen needs to go, now. Kill her dex!!!

  2. I'm really fascinated by what's happening between Dexter and Lumen. At first I thought she was going to turn into another Miguel, or Lila. But It's becoming clear that her character is taking a different path. I hope she sticks around, though perhaps not as a love interest. Not yet, anyway. If Dexter and Lumen are going to have a romantic relationship it shouldn't happen this season. It should be built up slowly next season (provided Lumen doesn't get killed off.)

  3. @Heather: if you got raped like her, you also wouldn't be the same than now, you would also be an "idiot". It was the right decision to help her. At the beginning she was disturbed of course and wanted to kill everybody...but she became normal very fast, was willing to learn and understood whats going on...she killed like Dexter taught her. She's absolutely trustable.

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