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Jamie: Do things settle down for Batista on Dexter now that LaGuerta got his assault charges dropped?
"Think of the history of Angel Batista," David Zayas (Batista) himself responded when we asked the fiery Dexter star your question at The Walking Dead premiere. "He's been stabbed, he's frequented prostitutes who turned out to be his girlfriend, he's married his boss, he's a survivor. I leave that answer like that."

Mike in Ramona, Calif.: I'm not sure how I feel about Quinn and Deb together on Dexter. What's coming up with that storyline?
Dexter is getting hot and heavy, and it's all because of the full-fledged romance (yep, we used the "R" word!) going on between Deb and Quinn. Things between these two develop quickly, and before you know it, the topic of living together will actually be broached. Hmmm, wonder what Deb will do when she finds out Quinn (aka Doakes 2.0) is going after her big bro in a big way?

Daniel in Chicago: Julia Stiles is great on Dexter. Are we going to keep seeing more of her?
More…and more and more. And it's pretty fantastic stuff. Dexter soon realizes that he and his new "friend" have more in common than he'd originally thought, so he agrees to take Lumen on as his "partner" and even introduces her to little Harrison. But wait, doesn't Harry's Code advise against both things? Better be careful, Dexy-poo…

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