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“Take It” took it to another level: Last week’s episode of Dexter was a highlight of the season. But with self-help guru Jordan Chase on Dexter’s mind, a highly motivated Lumen at his side, and Quinn’s boy Liddy hot on his trail, there is no time for you to savor — only time to brace for a new episode titled “Teenage Wasteland,” which airs tonight. What to expect from the killer thriller’s upcoming installment? Dexter executive producer Manny Coto drops four hints below. (As a bonus, we also come bearing two exclusive clips of “Teenage Wasteland.”). Click the link below to read more...

Tease No. 1: “This episode marks a large step forward in how Dexter views Lumen because Deborah comes to the realization that there is someone else in Dexter’s life, and Dexter has to figure out a way how to explain who Lumen is and what she represents to him. At the same time, a remnant from the death of Rita comes back into Dexter’s life — namely, Astor — who’s never quite gotten over the death of her mom and still blames Dexter for it. In the course of this episode, Lumen inadvertently helps Dexter come to some kind of understanding with Astor.”

Tease No. 2: “Dexter is undertaking his vetting process with Jordan and that involves Dexter becoming a client. And as Jordan picks Dexter’s brain, Dexter starts to pick at clues that Jordan may or may not have left behind. In this episode, he gets a clue that will lead us into the next couple of episodes. But at the same time, Jordan discovers something that could be devastating.”

Tease No. 3: “Having been knocked back down to the file room because of the shoot-out at the club, Deborah finds evidence … that puts her on a collision course with Dexter.”

Tease No. 4: “Quinn is slowly beginning to realize that he’s unleashed a monster in Liddy, and that the person who he hired to get information on Dexter is very close to learning the truth about Dexter’s real life. And he’s not someone who Quinn will be able to rein back in. Liddy is going to follow this to the bitter end, whether Quinn likes it or not.”
Time to weigh in, folks. What horrific things will Dexter uncover about Jordan? When do you think Deborah will figure out the truth about her brother? Are you intrigued by the Lumen-Dexter relationship? Spill your thoughts below. (Be sure to visit tomorrow to read Ken Tucker’s interview with Peter Weller, a.k.a. Liddy, and Sandra Gonzalez’s break-down of all the action from “Teenage Wasteland” on Monday.)

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