Julia Stiles Promises "Dramatic" Season 5 Ending

Life has been twisted, dark and miserable lately for Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles), which makes her an absolutely perfect fit for Dexter this season. She's been raped, exploited and whipped so badly even Stiles felt the pain. As the actress known for her work in the Bourne movies says, "I forgot to take off my prosthetic slash marks one night and I suddenly went, 'Wait. What happened to me?'"

The bigger question is what's happening to Lumen? Ever since Dexter (Michael C. Hall) rescued her from that serial killer's creepy lockup, Lumen's been a bit of a Dexter wannabe. She wants to kill the people who've brutalized her, which in turn puts Dexter in the odd position of trying to stop murders. "Lumen walks that fine line that's so cool on this show, between doing the right thing and doing the right thing that's sorta the wrong thing," says Stiles, who adds she feels the thrall of the Dexter "community" after only a few guest appearances. "My friends who are crazy about the show are really crazy about the show," she laughs.

Here's what's really crazy: how much we've enjoyed watching Stiles play a pawn in a human-trafficking scheme. Which side wins? The actress isn't telling: "I think we'll see a dramatic ending."

Dexter airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime. Source: TV Guide Magazine

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