Dexter - New Season 5 Spoilers from Chip Johannessen

Thanks to TVovermind for the heads up. Chip Johannessen, last Friday, spilled the beans on some ‘rest of season’ Dexter happenings. Since he did the bloodletting before this past Sunday’s new episode, “Take it!”, I thought it’d be interesting to see just how obtuse the first-year show runner could be with his ruminations on the remainder of the season. Be warned, there be spoilers for the most recent episode in this article.

First up, the dish on Dexter and Lumen and any budding romance that might happen between the two; Chip Johannessen doesn’t want to rule out any physicality between Dexter and Lumen, but it certainly wasn’t evident in the most recent episode. Sure, smoldering stares will get you nowheres, but they make for good TV. Now that they’ve killed someone together (admit it, you thought that Lumen was going to grab that knife with Dex and they’d kill Cole together, didn’t you?), it certainly appears as though Lumen might be “the one”. Odds on her making it through the end of the season are high, as I don’t think that the producers would set her up to be a love interest, then killer off so quickly, a la Rita. It would cheapen Rita’s death; although, despite Jordan Chase’s insistence on Dexter reliving her death, it appears that Dexter has forgotten about Rita, much like most of the audience.

Speaking of dying and characters that probably should, Chip spoke about Deb and Quinn. Before you freak out, no, Deb doesn’t deserve to die. She laid a tirade of F-bombs in this last episode that would make the gunslinging son of a sailor and a truck-driver blush. It was a welcome return of the Deb that we all grew to love and hate. How it plays out in her relationship with Quinn is yet to be seen. Chip says, in his most ambiguous way, that their relationship will “intensify”. It certainly is moving along, with Quinn supporting her in her bid to dethrone LaGuerta. It appeared that Quinn was going the route of Doakes in season 2, by poking his nose into Dexter’s dealings. Luckily, the writer’s know better and introduced the best new character on TV this season: Peter Weller’s Stan Liddy. Chances of Stan Liddy ending up on the wrong end of Dexter’s scalpel? 100%. And it’s going to be fun to watch.

Source: TVovermind

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