Shawn Hatosy (Boyd Fawler) talks about Dexter

Earlier this week, Hatosy phoned Movieline to discuss his thrilling arc on Dexter, explain why being strapped down to a table underneath Michael C. Hall may have been the high point of his career and talk about his real-life gang run-in while filming Southland.

''Boyd Fowler is such a phenomenally complex character. How much of a character history were you given by Dexter’s writers?
Let’s see here…nothing. I got a call from my agent basically saying that the producers wanted to talk to me about a part, which was thrilling. So they put me on the phone with Chip Johannessen and he kind of explained what Boyd was and that it would be a bit of a cat and mouse thing going on between he and Dexter.
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So without much of a character history, how did you figure out who Boyd was?
You know, there was something almost innocent and pathetic about the way Boyd was written. Even looking at his and Dexter’s relationship — just seeing how excited Boyd was to have Dexter join him on the daily grind of picking up dead animals. Boyd needed companionship. And the fact that Dexter was also interested in dead things endeared him to Boyd. I just think there was an angle there. Boyd doesn’t know he’s a bad guy and he thinks what he is doing is right. So I just tried to make him as human as possible, if that makes sense.
You’ve been playing cops and detectives a lot recently. How easy was it to tap into this criminal frame of mind?
The opportunity to play a serial killer and a sociopath was very exciting considering my last, I think, three or four roles were law enforcement. But having said that, I have played killers on death row and the one thing that I always enjoy about the darker roles is that you are given more flexibility creatively. When you play Sammy Bryant on Southland, you’re wearing a suit to work every day and the only question you have is what color tie you’ll have on. But with a guy like Boyd, it’s fun all around. Even the decision to wear shorts and a shirt that buttons up and the hat and the mustache. The character builds itself and you learn slowly that the more risks you take, the better off you are. Which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy Southland. It’s just a different taste.

When you are given that taste of freedom with a role like Boyd Fowler, does that reinvigorate you as an actor? Are you anxious to test those boundaries again immediately?
At least from my point of view, the goal is to challenge yourself and variety for me is the key to to success. The biggest compliment I can get from people, whether it be on the message boards or blogs, is that when they saw Boyd, it took them an episode or two to realize that that was me.
ShawnHatosyDexter225.jpgBoyd brought some much-needed levity to the show considering Rita’s traumatic death. It was almost disappointing see Dexter murder him so quickly. How was it filming that kill room scene?
It was pretty intense. I remember looking at Michael at one point as I was strapped to the table and [fake] blood was gushing out of my face and saying, “This is an interesting type of career.” But that is Dexter’s world and the writers and Michael C. Hall have done such a fantastic job creating that character. That show is just 100 percent character and that’s the kind of storytelling that I enjoy as an audience member. Honestly, to be strapped down to that table and to share that time creatively was something that could definitely push its way to the top of the list of things that I have accomplished in my career.''

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