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New spoilers about Season 5 from Kristin of E!Online. Click the link below if you want to read more...

Riley in Palm Desert, Calif.: Peter Weller (aka RoboCop) deserved an Emmy nomination for his guest spot in Fringe—are we going to see more of him in Dexter?
Dexter is going guest star to the max! The inimitable Peter Weller returns as Quinn's (Desmond Harrington) private Doakes dick; joining him are Chris Vance (Mental, Burn Notice) as security chief for motivational speaker Jordan Chase (Eli Stone's Jonny Lee Miller). You knew Boyd's creepy "Take it now!" tapes would come back to haunt us, right?
Jojo via Twitter: I need to know what's going to happen with Lumen on Dexter. The tension is killing me!
You're not the only one! Next week Dex finally targets a fresh kill—but as usual, things don't go smoothly. This botched attempt leads to a hilariously staged murder scene—but also a deeper, trusting relationship between Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles). We just wish we didn't have to see that bloody bathtub again. Don't people take showers anymore?

Source: E!Online

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  1. I don't get cable. Does anyone know how I can still watch episodes of Dexter?

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